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The relationship between temperature, heat energy, and changes of state.

This is supplemental material for the weather unit and represents one variable.

Angela Bergman

on 27 February 2018

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Transcript of The relationship between temperature, heat energy, and changes of state.

What relationship exists between changes of state, heat energy, and temperature?
Changes of State
8th grade review
Phase changes of water:
Water Cycle in real life:
As the substance changed state, the temperature did not change.
Temperature remains the same during a change of state.
What happened to temperature
as the water melted?
Graph looked like:
If heat energy was still going into the system,
then shouldn't temperature go up?
Why does temperature stay the same?
More heat = More molecules move more and the color disappears faster.
We have to understand what
happens at the molecule level.
(Press play on the movie below.)
Here is where molecules move so slow that they are a solid. Energy goes into changing temperature. Molecules move more, and change the temperature because they do.
Here is where ice is melting. Energy is still making the molecules move more, but now they change the state (making the molecules more disorganized) instead of changing the temperature.
Here the water molecules are disorganized enough to be liquid. Now, any energy added will not only increase the movement of the molecules, but also increase the temperature.
Big Picture:
As energy is added to a system, the molecules move faster!
If the substance changes state, temperature does not change!
Energy is stored/released. Called
latent heat
This is important to weather!
If the substance doesn't change state, the temperature will change.
Graph looks like this for ALL substances: STERIC ACID
Turns out, energy is like money! You can only spend the energy on changing the temperature OR changing the state. Not BOTH at the same time.
Molecules still too slow to be a liquid.
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