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The Old Man and The Sea

By Ernest Hemingway

Julie DelConte

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of The Old Man and The Sea

Setting Characterization Conflict Plot Themes Motifs Connection My Opinion The old man and the sea

by ernest hemingway Late 1940's Small fishing village near
Havana, Cuba Waters of the Gulf of Mexico Santiago is a well known fishermen in his town,
although he has not caught a single fish in 84 days He goes on a mission to catch the
biggest fish anyone has ever seen Finally on the 85th day of fishing,
the Marlin grabs onto the bait on the end
of Santiago's fishing rod After many hours with extreme
exhaustion, Santiago reels the Marlin
in and harpoons it in the heart Traveling toward land, the blood trail in the ocean attracks sharks which leave nothing but bone on the Marlin Santiago arrives home with the
dead Marlin, Santiago is happy,
but yet very ashamed Santiago wanted to accomplish
his mission completely, but he
did not quite succeed in his eyes,
but the town considers him a hero Author compares Santiago,
the outcast old man, to Christ Struggle for three long days
between Santiago's well matched worthy opponent Marlin The old man's physical suffering leads to a more significant spiritual triumph I believe that The Old Man and The Sea
contrasted the novel A Lesson Before Dying.
One main reason is that the main character,
Santiago, is known as a hero and he has herotic
characteristics because he is able catch the
Martin. Grant Wiggins from A Lesson Before
Dying is the main character who is suppose
to be a hero, but he does not show any herotic aspects. The Honor in Struggle, Defeat & Death Pride from success and determination This book was not my favorite.
I thought the plot was very short,
and the climax was not very exciting.
If you like a short novel with a
simple story line, than this book is
good for you. Santagio: old man, cuban fishermen, bad luck, pride in his abilities, grew up with life challenges, Marlin is his greatest challenge and greatest victory. Characterization The Marlin: 18 feet long, unable to pull him in, fishing line is the connection between him and Santagio, when sharks destroy Marlin Santagio feels destroyed as well. Characterization Manolin: young boy who admires
Santagio, sailed with him for 40 days, but his parents beganto say no because Santagio was expierencing bad luck, and called him, "the worst form of luck" Crucifixion Imagery The Lions on the Beach
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