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King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

Brianna Nubine and Ambarin Budhwani

Ambarin Budhwani

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

By Brianna Nubine and Ambarin Budhwani King Arthur and His Knights of The Round Table The Coming Of Arthur The Task Arthur's task was to pull out the sword from the stone anvil
His only reason was to get his brother (Sir Kay) a sword.
However, Arthur pulled out the holy sword, not knowing the consequences of his action.
Became known throughout the lands as King Arthur, the True King of Legros The First Quest of the Round Table Press play! The Quest First quest was advised by Merlin
Knighted his closest relatives on the Pentacost
Sir Gawain sent with damsel to the quest of the white hart
(while this was happening Merlin was put to a deep sleep by the Lady Nimue. The Magic of Nimue and Morgana Le Fey The Evil Adversary Queen Morgana, Mordred, and their followers were considered the evil in this story
Used evil magic to manipulate people
Knights go on quests to stop them and keep peace and security in the kingdom. Book One Book Two Sir Gawain and the Green Knight The Castle Sir Gawain is granted a quest
As he journeys, he finds a castle in which he stays with the lord of the castle.
Make a deal to give whatever they get that day to eachother
Stays in the castle for many days,thinking he's safe
Realizes he needed to get back to his quest, and leaves.
Fights the green knight, only to find out that it was the lord of the castle in the green armor.
Is ashamed because of his actions, but it forgiven for his sins by the knight
Sir Gawain becomes known as one of the most worthy of knights The Hero The First Quest of Sir Launcelot The Journey The Initiation Sir Percivale of Wales Sir Launcelot fell asleep and his fellow knights got captured by Turugyn.
When he arose he found out what happened and fought with Turugyn to the death.
Won the battle and set all the knights free from the dungeon Turugyn put them in.
Was the hero and was claimed "Sir Launcelot of the Lake." Sir Percivale started off as a little boy who lived with his mother and knew no one till the timid age of 15.
Percivale meets a knight in the forest and gets a quest from King Authur.
Percivale slayed the red knight and finnaly got the pride of being a knight of the round table! Sir Gareth, or the Knight of the Kitchen Sir Gareth is given a quest by the King
Goes along with the Lady Linnet to save her sister from enemy.
The lady is not really nice, calls him scum but yet he follows her anyway, saying that is what a true knight does.
His journey is very long, has to fight many foes such as the Blue and Black Knight.
Finally, they reach the place where the Red Knight has kept her sister
Defeat knight and complete quest. How the Holy Grail Came to Camelot How Launcelot and Gawain Came to Carbonek Crossroads The End of the Quest The Last Battle The First Adventures of Sir Galahad Book Three The holy grail came to Camelot covered in white samite, gliding into the room filling them with the joy and fullness of God! The Magic Item Launcelot and Guinevere The Plots of Sir Mordred Sir Launcelot left Camelot, after Queen Guinevere got mad at him
After a while people started to miss him, and he came back. The Queen was madly in love with Sir Launcelot and bathed him from his wounds in a fight.
Sir Launcelot was in love with queen Guinevere also and they shared a kiss in the garden, a short while after they confessed their love for each other.
Sir Launcelot was feeled with joy from head to toe after the kiss. The Light Gawain and Launcelot meet at the Castle of Carbonek
Holy Grail's light shines bright, symbolizes purity
Both stay in Carbonek, experiencing great things
Await the grail knight The Maiden Percivale and his wife become king and queen of Carbonek.
Time of distress
Many people died
Kingdom falling apart
Depressed, only a couple knights left
No options Sir Mordred was a very evil man.
Tricked Aurthur into thinking Sir Launcelot was bad.
As soon as King Authur realized this, he was going to put the queen to a stake when Sir Launcelot came just in time to save her
Afterwards King Aurthur found out that Sir launcelot was good the whole time he let him back in the kingdom. The Trickster The Last and worst battle between King Aurthur and his knights of the round table and Sir Mordred and his army.
Many of his best knights were slane and wept at how bad a battle it was.
King Aurthur and Mordred were fighting, but alas Mordred was far too strong and injured the King badly.
King Aurthur was sent afloat in a barge to the vale of Avalon to heal his wounds. Watch this! The Warrior Is given a quest to retrieve shield
Gives him good fortune
Becomes allies with the son of the king of Denmark
Fights furiously with enemies to complete quest
Strikes them down in one blow Book Four It is believed that King Arthur and many of the famous knights disappeared/died.
Launcelot and the Queen were still lovers, but had many conflicts because he was one of the only knights left
He too fell sick and awaited his burial, and he died a peaceful death, his brother telling him that he was the greatest of all
The rest of the knights had gave up their positions and set off as pilgrims into the holy lands, thus ending the realm of Logres.
King Arthur's death was realized in 1200 in the Isle of Avalon Epilouge: Avalon
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