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Welcome to 3rd Grade

No description

Stephanie Smith

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to 3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade
~Mrs. Smith
Our Daily Schedule
Grading Scale
*STAR Expectations*
Green Folders
90 - 100 A
80 - 89 B
70 - 79 C
60 - 69 D
0 - 59 F

Students should copy all assignments in the planner.

Students are expected to finish any work not completed in class.

Students should study for scheduled, weekly tests.

AR books should be read nightly for at least 20 minutes.

Multiplication facts should be practiced and memorized!
Week A- Art
Week B- PE
Week C – Media/Tech
Week D – PE
Week E – Music
Please check your child’s planner for our weekly special.

Remember to wear tennis shoes on PE weeks.
Stay focused!
Take responsibility!
Act Safely!
Respect All!
Parents are encouraged to join their child for lunch during this time.
Please remember to sign in through the office before coming to the cafeteria.
Structured Physical Activity

Yes, this is our recess time!
School Day: 8:50 – 3:30
Tardy Bell at 9:10
Morning Routine:8:50-9:20
Writing: 9:20-10:00
Specials: 9:56-10:38
Science/Social Studies 12:10-12:42
Lunch at 12:42-1:02
SPA: 1:07-1:37
Math: 1:37-2:45
Success Maker: 2:45-3:20
whole group
guided reading
Narrative essay writing
National Geographic
Social Studies
Studies Weekly
Newspapers/United States
Cafe Strategies
Daily 5
AR (Accelerated Reader)
Conduct, Work habits and Specials are also graded S,N,U.
Midterms and Report Cards
Midterms will be a print-out of the “Inter-grade Pro” report that will show you your child’s assignments and averages.
The Report Card will be the standard Citrus County report card.
STAR Reading
4 times a year
must be above the 25th percentile
4 times a year
must be above the 25th percentile
FAIR Oral Reading Fluency
3 times a year
must score level 2 or above in reading and math
Writing Prompts
given monthly-must score 3.0 or higher
Guided Reading Level
level P (end of year)
Report Card
C average or above for the year
Rewards for STAR behavior!
Classroom Store
STAR Expectations (Starbucks)
Will be sent home weekly.
Look to them for upcoming events, and classroom news!
Students will write homework in their planner
Please sign your child’s planner nightly
Check the assignments and make sure that each is completed neatly and correctly.
Math homework is designed to be completed with an adult. Please assist in this.
Green Folder
It is not necessary to sign the green folder calendar.
Empty the green folder every night.
Our field trip is scheduled for April 26th to Lego Land
You must have a Chaperone Application (including a copy of your driver’s license) on file with the county at least 6 weeks prior to the trip.
We will be fund raising to defray the costs. We welcome any donations.
Swimming (no cost)
Science Trip—Ft. Island Gulf Beach possibly
Field Trips!
You can help your Child be a STAR!
Make sure he/she gets enough sleep. Research says that children up to age 10 should get 10 hours of sleep each night.
Read to and with your child every night.
Reading Rocks contest
Encourage! Encourage! Encourage!
Remember to be your child's CHEERLEADER!
The purpose of AR is to encourage students to read as much as possible to improve their fluency and comprehension.

Weekly goals – Students are required to read and take tests on 2 AR books per week. They should average an 80% or higher.

If students are reading chapter books (the book is worth at least 1 point) then they may read only one and score an 80% to meet their goal
Answers to FAQs
Birthdays – You are welcome to send in store bought items to the entire class to celebrate your child’s birthday. NO homemade items are permitted. We will eat all treats during our recess time after lunch.

Change of transportation – If you need for your child to go home a different way then he/she normally travels ie. Bus, car rider, day care, etc., you must send in a note dated with clear instructions. It is always best to include a phone number as well in case we have questions.

Medication – All medication must be brought in by an adult to the front office. Students may not bring medication to school including: chapstick and cough drops.

**After an absence your child must return with a note stating the reason for absence.
3 unexcused tardies equals one absence.
The last bell is at 9:10am. Your child needs to be in the classroom before that bell.
One last thing...
**Don’t forget to sign up for a conference time. We will need to meet with each child’s parent(s) during the first 9 weeks!**

If your child receives ESE services or is on an improvement plan we must meet with you every midterm.

Please feel free to call the school anytime. Best time to reach me is before 8:50am and between 10:00-10:40pm, and 3:30-4:00pm (637-4400)

My email address can also be found on the weekly newsletters!
The “Daily Five” is a way of structuring the reading block so every student is independently engaged in meaningful literacy tasks.
Students first receive explicit whole group instruction and then are given independent practice time to read and write independently while the reading teachers provide focused, intense instruction to individuals or small groups of students.

When the Daily Five routines are established students will work independently in the following areas building their stamina:
Read to Self – Reading self selected books independently.
Work on Writing – Writing about topics independently
Read to Someone – Reading with a partner, checking for comprehension.
Listen to Reading – Listening to fluent reading.
Word Work – Doing independent activities with the spelling, vocabulary and grammar for the week.

SuccessMaker English Language curriculum:
• Promotes critical reading skills by developing learners' proficiency in areas such as phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
• Provides learners with a link between the activation of prior knowledge and acquiring new knowledge.
• Offers extensive practice toward vocabulary development and improving comprehension

SuccessMaker Math curriculum:
• Real-world problems which enable students to experience relevant contexts for problem solving.
• Six strands of instruction including data analysis, number sense and operations, patterns, algebra and functions, probability and discrete mathematics, and measurement and geometry.
• Differentiated instruction, scaffolding of concepts, and alternative problem solving strategies to ensure mastery is achieved.
One-on-One Instruction. SuccessMaker had a strong focus on the most critical math and reading concepts. Individualized learning for every student is extremely important.
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