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Interscope Records

introducing interscope records, their works, and their artists

Aim Glover

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of Interscope Records

Interscope Records the history.... Interscope records was founded in 1990 by Ted Field and Jimmy Iovine as a subdivision of Warner Music Group. Time Warner purchased 50% of the company and agreed to distribution and marketing It's first major release was in 1991 with rapper Gerardo and his single "Rico Suave" which led to his album going platinum However in the early and mid 90's, Interscope was most known for its controversial lineup of all-star rappers, such as Dr.Dre, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg. founder and former producer Ted Field and Jimmy Lovine Facts about interscope Interscope Records is a major US record label based in Santa Monica, California. It is a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group. In 1995 Time Warner sold its shares in Interscope to MCA Music Entertainment, (later named Universal Music Group) because of all the controversy that revolved around Death Row Cash cows Timbaland 50 cent Stars Soulja Boy Diddy The Game vitamin water, movies, iphone apps. etc Producer, song writer, Fragrances, reality shows, clothing line
known for his parties. their primary focus Interscope, Geffen Records, and A&M Records. Together, the three brands focus on rap, R&B, rock, and commercial pop. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknessess Opportunities Threats
- large artist roster

- wide variety of talent

-good partners such as nike and time warner

-Well known name

-high marketing value

-20 years experience high marketing value gives them the power to recruit new artists -other major labels such as:
-Bad Boy Entertainment
- -new executives trying to change Interscopes focus

-Interscope legendary status may cause it to look old and not youth oriented

-needs fresh talent Feist is a different artist that makes Alternative, and more rock sounding music.
Just 1 of the many artist that add variety to the record company she has been active since 2000 example of her work billboard named her album "the reminder" album of the year in may 2007 would label her as a dog in terms of music progress. lady gaga he targets a very big crowd of young people and have many investments but controversy may be a setback if you consider him a cash cow not very consistant with record sales but he has started acting to further his career. her own style is so many styles and it allows her to have a wide variety of fans and followers. she may eventually become a cash cow. he has produced for many artists such as Ginuwine, Aaliyah, Brandy, Madonna and many more great parties reality show clothing line timbaland constantly puts in work and releases a song every thursday. He calls it Timbaland thursdays vitamin water movies apps games tim and nelly furtado tim and madonna the pussy cat dolls actually get a paid salary works cited. Lovine, T. (2011, April 10). Interscope records. Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interscope Birchmeier, J. (2011, August 10). Timbaland. Retrieved from http://allmusic.com/artist/timbaland-p218225 Jackson, C. (2010, January 9). 50 cent. Retrieved from http://www.billboard.com/#/artist/50-cent/340706 - interscope and death row records had a few issues and it set interscope back a bit. - one of the most controversal music companies
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