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Copy of Neural Network

No description

益忠 王

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Neural Network

What is a Neural Network
A neural net is an artificial representation of the human brain that tries to simulate its learning process. An artificial neural network is often called a “Neural Network”.

Traditionally, the word neural network is referred to a network of biological neurons in the nervous system that process and transmit information.
第一個真正具有實用意義的神經網絡是BP神經網絡。BP(Back Propagation)网是1986年由Rumelhart和McCelland首的科学家小組提出,是一按誤差逆播算法訓練的多層前饋网,是目前使用最广泛的神經網絡模型之一。BP网能學習和存儲大量的輸入-輸出模式映射關系,而无需事前提示描述映射系的数学方程。它的學習規則是最速下降法,通過誤差逆傳播来不断調整網絡的權和閾,使網絡輸出的誤差平方和最小。

Thank you for your listening!
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