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Lit. Circle Presentation: The Book Of Negroes

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Suad Hassan

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Lit. Circle Presentation: The Book Of Negroes

By: Katie, Jordan, Mathew, Khalid, and Suad
Bayo, Africa

Slave ship

South Carolina


Manhattan, New York

Nova Scotia (Shelburne & Birchtown)

Sierra Leone, Africa

Central Conflicts:
Themes, Ideas, Stylistic Elements:
Toubabu men often categorized the African slaves.
The Modern Day Eastern European Human Trafficking
Mandingo tribe
At age 11, Aminata was taken to be a slave
She wanted nothing more than to be free
Black people were not allowed to do many things
Thousands were captured and forced to be slaves
Aminita has to deal with the loss of many family members
Key Plot Points
Location changes are important
Got captured and taken away from her family and became a slave

Dealt with torture on a slave ship and worked as a slave for years

Escaped from her owner in NYC and finally lived on her own

Name is entered in the “Book of Negroes”

Lost her family

Returns to Africa
Returns to England to help end slavery
What do you live for?
What's left?
Themes, Ideas, Stylistic Elements:
Loss of innocence
At a young age witnessing her parents death
Being captured by slave hunters, and being forced to walk miles every day
Dealing with dead bodies, horrible living conditions, rape and beatings
Desire to escape
Main goal is to go back to Africa and be free
Tell her story to her village
Her actions revolved around her escaping America
Huge theme in this book
Most dominant when Aminata was in Newfoundland
Resulted in many deaths of black people
Love of family
Aminata always remained hopeful for her husband to return to her
She would do anything to ensure safety for her child
Often looked back at what she thinks her parents would want her to do
When things looked good for Aminata something bad would happen
When we found out Solomon helped sell Aminata's baby
When the Witherspoons kidnapped her child
Indigo plantation, indigo bandana, indigo baby carrying cloth
This symbol was often associated with evil
It was seen before anything bad and foreshadowed that something bad was about to happen
Aminata's way of escaping her life
She was one of the few slaves to be able to read and write
Gave her more opportunities to get jobs and be more valuable to people
Aminata and her dad used to look at the moon
Moon shaped scar on her cheek represents her beauty
Represented her hope for a better life back in Africa
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