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Literaly Eliments!!! The right one!!!!

No description

Kailey Mills

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Literaly Eliments!!! The right one!!!!

Vocab Words Literally Elements Point of View-Perspective from which the story was told.

1st Person-view point of one of the characters using the first person pronoun ("I")

3 Person Limited-view point of a character in the story

3 Person Omniscient-author is telling the story directly or all knowing Point of View interruption in the action of a story to show something that happened earlier Flash Back Characterization
People, Places, Things the way the author acquaints you with the character

S-speech/behavior or actions

P-personality/physical apearents

O-opinion/reaction of others

T-thoughts/feelings Setting where and when the story takes place Conflict struggle between two forces in the story
1.human vs. nature
2.human vs. beast
3.human vs. human
4.human vs. self
5.human vs. society
6.human vs. fate
7.human vs. machine Antagonist the character who opposed the main character or the bad guy Theme central idea of the story
theme is not the subject
the theme must be a statement
theme has to be a complete sentence
check out the title
repeating patterns or symbals Protagonist the main character or the good guy Irony contrast or between one thing another
verbal irony-contrast between what is said and what I really meant
situational irony-contrast between what happens and what is expected
irony of tone-length passage Symbol represent an idea, quality, or concept Sarcasm making fun of a person to hurt her or his feelings harsh or bitter irony Plot It describes the structure of a story.
1) inciting action or exposiition-beginning of a story
2) rising action-series of conflix that lead to the climax
3) climax-turning point or the most intense moment
4) falling action-action that follows the climax
5) resolution-the conclusion Infrence responsible and intelligent conclusion drawn from hints provided by the author Foreshadowing hint or clue about events that will happen later Genre kind or type of literature or art example-romance & science fiction Tone the stated or implied attitude of an author to his character Dialogue conversation between two characters Conitation & Denotation c-tone of words meaning that the word suggest
-positive or negative
d-dictionary definition Imagery Concrete details that appeal to the senses
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