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Thomas Seymour

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of GoFast!

GoFast! Mike Laband
Jens Nicolaysen
Thomas Seymour
Jessica Shearer What is GoFast? International Beverage Company
Denver, CO
1996 - Troy Widgery - World Class Skydiver
"Today, Go Fast remains dedicated to supporting people around the world who have a passion for living life a little on the edge." -GoFast! Whats so Special about GoFast!? Higher Quality Ingredients
Multiple Product Lines
Healthier & Targeted Formulations So Why GoFast? Connection with primary investor
Involved in athletics
College students
Growing market Lets Talk About The Target Market! Target Market

•Premier athletes energy drink
•Active young men and women ages 18 to 35
•Health-conscious and enjoy an adventurous lifestyle and attitude
•Enjoy skydiving, snowboarding, jet skiing, rock climbing, wakeboarding, triathlons, mountain biking, road cycling, auto racing, B.A.S.E. jumping, moto-x and skiing.
Buyer Segmentation

GoSteadFasts! (Loyalists)
High usage, believes go fast has superior value, low price sensitivity
GoSwappers! (Switchers/Price Buyers)
High usage of energy drinks, they buy when they see a deal, and they are very price sensitive
GoFasters! (Non-users)
Have tried GoFast!, believe it not to have value, and avoids the drink
The Competative Market Industry Trends:
Ages 19-72, 82% drink coffee or tea, making this one of the largest sources of competition
Energy drink category: Fastest growing in the beverage industry
Youthful association
Redbull has been around since the late 80's, but only taken off in last 5 years

Market Analysis:
Niche category in broad beverage industry
Extremely dynamic market with strong staying power
RedBull - Undisputed market leader, but market share shrinking
Room for growth
How to Succeed:
Differentiation through new segments & products
Smaller portion but same kick
Positive public perception
Competative Threats:
Indirect: Substitutes offered in massive caffinated beverage market is HUGE threat
Direct: Large growth means more and more entrants - HUGE threat

What does this mean for GoFast!? Ideally, its position as a local Colorado company, with a dedication to sports will propel its market share into the future. Price Levels and Formats Skimming strategy:
Attempt to show consumers that GoFast! is better quality than competitor products.
"Products not meant for everyone" Price per Ounce Comparison:
GoFast! priced 17% above RedBull &
52.22% above others
Keep Skimming!
Differentiates product quality
Used to attract price insensitive, health conscious consumers not currently consuming in Boulder
Bulk Sales:
Increases consumer offering
Avoid retail slotting fees
Introduction to GoFast!
Target Market
The Competative Market
Price Levels and Formats
Price Customization and Promotion
Additional Problems and Solutions

OUTLINE: April 27, 2010 Growing Market:
Over 1,000 competitors
Double digit growth in last 5 years
In 2007, grew by 49% & still saw growth in 2009 of 12%
By 2011 purported $9 billion market

Price Customization and Promotion A variety of tactics exist for use in promoting the GoFast! brand and creating customized prices for their consumers with different price sensitiveness.
The aim of these programs is two part:
1. To create general awareness and education of the brand
2. To keep loyalists loyal while providing opportunities for other segments to purchase the product and move towards loyalty
Current Methods:
Sponsorship Proposed Methods:
Organizational Price Discounts
Loyalty Program Additional Problems and Recommendations Channels: enter more sport specific arenas Highly competitive market: differentiate and educate consumers
Use education to attract new segments
THE END!!!!! What about Empirical Analysis??
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