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AII Data Processing

No description

Ivelina Mihaylova

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of AII Data Processing

Information Architects AII Data Processing Business news and analyses about a wide range of industries
Southeast Europe, Western Europe, Nordic countries, Latin & North America, Middle East
Annual ranking SeeNews TOP 100 SEE SeeNews products Real-time coverage of business news from eleven fast-growing Southeast European countries
Also available on Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters terminals

wire.seenews.com Central, South and East Europe business news, trends, data, analyses and events in the electricity industry

powermarket.seenews.com Answer to your specific management needs by:
- Creating reports of a company or an individual
- Providing market reports
- Decision making analytics

High-qualified team with more than 10 years experience

research.seenews.com The most up-to-date business and financial company information globally

Full coverage of data about the private and public financial and non-financial business entities in the emerging markets, especially in Southeast Europe

profiles.seenews.com Annual ranking of the biggest companies in Southeast Europe Brands Media evaluation and measurement services for PR and communication professionals in Southeast Europe We evaluate perceptions of your brand, campaign, organisation, people.
We measure reputation.
We listen to traditional and social media.
We decipher media conversations. Perceptica is a member of AMEC, the global communication measurement and evaluation organisation Contact us
+ 359 2 80 12 610
consulting@seenews.com Stay connected:
@ PercepticaR

PERCEPTICA.COM We make sense of information
Features three big rankings :
SeeNews TOP 100 SEE Companies
SeeNews TOP 100 SEE Banks
SeeNews TOP 100 SEE Insurers top100.seenews.com Media analyses beyond the standard media monitoring reports
Proprietary methodology
In-depth analytical expertise
State-of-the-art technology
Collecting the direct and spontaneous reactions of your customers Print Annual print edition of rankings, country profiles, analyses, comments, surveys and interviews with business leaders from companies in the region Online Events Professional environment for communication, networking and online events for the top 100 companies in the region The fifth edition of the annual ranking of the best performing companies in SEE will be released on October 11, 2012
at Metropolitan Hotel Sofia, 4 pm.

You are welcome to be our guests at the event!
Please, send a confirmation to top100@seenews.com You plan, organise, lead and control your communications.

We help you manage them better.

We are not PR. We measure PR. Why use Perceptica To download our sample reports,
visit www.perceptica.com Business Information Platform
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