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Science Project

No description

Nicole Hadida

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Science Project

The Fresh Water/Pond Food Web By:Nicole Hadida. Main Energy Source: The Sun. The sun supplies energy, the sun supplies to (for example) the producers. Grass: Producer. Algae: Producer. Diatoms: Producer. Zooplankton: Primary Consumer.
(Carnivore) Cricket: Primary Consumer.
(Carnivore) Snail: Primary Consumer.
(Carnivore) Bacteria: Decomposer. Frog: Secondary Consumer.
Carnivore. Small Fish: Secondary Consumer.
(Omnivore) Bird: Secondary Consumer.
(Omnivore) Snake: Tertiary Consumer.
(Carnivore) Large Fish: Tertiary Consumer.
(Omnivore) Large Bird: Tertiary Consumer&Detritvore
(Carnivore) Bullrush: Producer. Worm: Scavenger,Decomposer. Fun facts
~It is said that 40% of the world's all known
fish species come from fresh water locations.
~two thirds of the world's freshwater mussels are at risk of extinction; almost 1 in 10 may already have vanished forever. Thank you :)
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