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simon bob

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Belgium

The Lion One of Canada's many trading partners is Belgium. Firstly, Belgium is a small country in Europe, below Netherlands. Secondly, It is known for its delicious chocolates. It has about 11 million people and it is 30,528 square kilometers.Thirdly, Belgium is in many international organizations such as NATO,European union and the Belgium -Luxembourg Economic Union.In conclusion, Belgium is known for many things. Introduction The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Some major cities are Brugge, Antwerp and Ghent. Map Of The Country Coat Of Arms The motto of the coat of arms is "unity makes strength".On the outside there is the nine provinces that constituted Belgium in 1837. Belgium Flag The flag of Belgium is reflected on the coat of arms.Black represents the shield.Gold is the lion. Red is the lion's claws and tongue. Belgium has the lion and this is the national animal, they chose this because Belgium used to have power over other countries. The lion symbolizes Belgium as the lion is the king of the jungle. By:Siddharth Belgium Belgium recreational Activities Belgium Population Charts You can see from the chart that Belgium population has grown from 10 million in 2004 to 11 million people in 2012. Belgium high school GPA'S GPA:grade point average
0 points:F
1 point:D
2 point:C
3 points:B
4 points:A Most people in Belgium have gotten 3.75 or above. some people have also gotten C's,D's and F's.Overall Belgium seem to have average students. Canada Belgium -Population:32,000,000 -Snowy, long cold winters -Mountains and valleys -Languages are English -Aboriginal traditions -Hot summers -High rainfall -9,984,670 km squared -Major trade products are lumber, maple syrup, energy products, copper, aluminum, fertilizers and plastics. -In North America -Population:11 million people - Mild winters -Hills and lowlands -Languages are Dutch and German -Cool summers -Humid -In Europe -30,528km squared -Major trade products are chocolates, finished diamonds, metal products, chemicals, glass, petroleum and vehicles. -In Europe -One Belgium celebration is the Carnival Of Binche -Democracy -Their language is french -Rivers -North of the Equator -Have different religions living in their country Fun Facts About Belgium -produces 220,000,000 kilograms of chocolates each year -Is the head quarters of the NATO -Belgium made french fries - Considered main diamond center in the world -The royal palace of Brussels is 50 percent longer then Buckingham palace. Belgian Foods One of many famous foods in Belgium are waffles.Other famous foods are mussels, chocolates, fries and Speculoos Cookies. Sports = 1 Soccer= Cycling= Golf= Kayaking= The most popular sport is soccer. Belgium Attractions -Grand palace -Bellewaerde -Antwerp Zoo -Sambre -Oise Belgium Wildlife Some of the exotic animals in Belgium are peregrine falcon, pygmy shrew, serotonin bat and the stoat. Canadian foods Some popular canadian foods are maple syrup, canadian bacon, cod and the Montreal bagel. Canadian attractions -CN tower -Niagara Falls -Lake Ontario -Banff National Park Canada Wildlife Some of the amazing animals in Canada are caribou, narwhals, polar bears and seals. Belgium Tradition One of Belgium's traditions is the Carnival of Binche. The Carnival of Binche is when street performers do dance, play music and march.The carnival of Binche is to ward off evil spirits. Canadian Culture One of Canada's traditions is the winter festival. They go skiing, sledding and build ice sculptures. The winter festival is celebrated to honor the ice construction by Jacques Cartier. -Prime Minister -Coldest month is December -Famous artist Norval Morriseau -Famous artist Andre Buzin Famous artists From Belgium Andre Buzin is a famous artist who paints animals and flowers.He designed a series consisting of bird illustrations. Famous artist in Canada Norval Morriseau was an aboriginal artist.Also known as the "Picasso of the north".He created paintings of the legends of his people. Those are all the trade connections between Belgium and Canada. Politics Of Belgium Prime Minister-Elio Di Rupo King-Albert II Politics Of Canada Prime Minister- Stephen Harper Queen-Elizabeth The Similarities And Differences Between Canada And Belgium Trade Connections Between Belgium And Canada -Government(democracy, monarchy) -Culture(french Language) oodsuffs -Foodstuffs(fish) -Organizations(NATO) -Known for climate and animals -Known for delicious chocolates -Monarchy -Sports(soccer)
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