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typhanie robinson

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

June 4, 2013
Michael Uram Strength-Based Approaches Single Mothers
Displaced Homemakers Problems faced by
Displaced Homemakers How can individual & community empowerment be enhanced Western Healing Focus on spiritual, mental and physical well being

Cause and effect

More passive in investigations Problems faced by Single Mothers Judged or Frowned upon

Higher risks of getting a sexually transmitted disease

The large size and rapid growth of the adolescent and young age group demands a considerable investment if their potential is to be fully realized Problems faced by Single Mothers  Affordable Child care

Children are often left to care for themselves

One in every 10 births worldwide is to teenage mothers -- 1 in every 6 to young women aged 15-19 in the least developed countries. No support assistance available or county funded programs

Caregivers to their grandchildren

Better health, social and financial support services for aging populations, and policy choices that support programs Establish awareness

Education of self and others

Create better and more employment opportunities

Healthier relationships Problems faced by
Displaced Homemakers Age discrimination

Depression and stress

Emotional trauma

Lacking related work experience

Educational requirements References Diller, J. V. (2011). Cultural diversity: A primer for the human services (4th ed.). Retrieved from The Unuversity of Phoenix eBook Collection. Strengths of these populations Strengths of Displaced Homemakers
& how it can enhance Empowerment Traditional Healing Healing Holistically

Emphasize circulatory and multidimensional sources of etiology

Spiritual bias to health and well being

Helpers are more active and take action when investigating An abundance of Governmental programs

Not as difficult to receive help from programs

More quality time with family Strengths of these populations An abundance of Governmental programs

Not as difficult to receive help from programs

More quality time with family Sherry - Problems Single Mothers & Displaced homemakers face in society

Typhanie - Strengths of these special populations
How can they enhance individual & community empowerment

Monique - Western vs Traditional healing approaches
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