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Untitled Prezi

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cesarina baez

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

keep trying my love for chocolate the poetry book poetry can be interpret in many ways,there are people who use poetry to relax or express how they feel . in my opinion the poetry is to express feelings in a creative ways . A new day is like staring your life again, changing the page of the notebook, leaving behind the negative things as the back mirror of a car. The way will be always far when you’re reaching your destination, always looks forward never backward. Climb up and down the stairs on your own is your motivation to reach your goal, the easy way is as an elevator at push a button, everything in the life except death has solutions. Search solutions like a child who wants candy in the top of the cabinet. Be or not be! You decide who you are and like you propose your proposes. My thoughts are always positive to achieve want I really want. I did the poem keep trying to show that always in the adversities I need to havr a positive mind to confront the problems , I used one of the poetric divices like rhyme using words that are related with the word rhyme like always looks forward never backward. Ohm sweet and seductive chocolate that transports me to another universe with its delicious taste intense sugar, exploding in my mouth as explosives, My companion in my sadness and bitterness, sweet of love bringing satisfaction to our soul. Gently melts like honey on our tongue, leading us to the clouds like a dream that never ends. Circular Square in any way you’re always welcome to meet my soul and heart with your sweetness. A texture and flower like clouds of cotton caught me in an sea of immense color brown. Accompanied by sweet tropical fruit or a shower of colored pistachios and around commanded by almonds. When I see you my eyes fill with joy. In this poem I express my love for chocolate one of my favorite things I used one of the poetry devices like sensory details ,one example os sensory details that is in my poem is {circular,square in any way your are always welcome to meet my soul and heart with your sweetness.

You are sweet as honey, cute lips as crystal clouds delicate as petals of red roses, seductive eyes, eyes that penetrate an evil heart, heart only knows when love is understood, maybe I was not the only one in your life but in that less time I learned to love you like you taught me. The death separated us, but you are always in my thoughts as ink captured forever on paper, you were my first love ,my only love, have you and you’re gone like a feather in the air that vanishes without a trace. Think it's just a nightmare that will end, love without you that's my goal .All I can say is that you are my dad and no one can replace your post . love to death I did the poem love to death using one of the poetry devices irony showing the love that I feel to a person ,at the beginning I am describing the couples love but at the end the reader realize that I am talking about my father died. in conclusion this project helped me in many ways :
first helped me with my vocabulary
expressing my feelings in a creative way
learning new phrases .
in my opinion this project should be implemented in people who are learning new languages because people like to learn things in a fun and creative ways. poetry includes a very different grammar as we used every day . thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed in my presentation about poetry .
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