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Big Ben Structure Project

No description

Aysia Cranwill

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Big Ben Structure Project

Famous Structure: Big Ben
London, England
Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)
Random Facts
About Big Ben
-Construction began around 1843 and ended in 1858
-Its architect is Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin
-Materials used in the construction include:
-> cast iron girders
-> Yorkshire Anston stone and Cornish granite (used on the exterior)
-> iron roofing plates
-The foundation for the tower was laid in 1843 and was 3m deep
-The construction for the tower fell behind schedule by five years

Reasons to go visit
- You can take a tour inside the tower and see how the clocks work (if you're into that kind of stuff)
- You can take a selfie with Big Ben
- It's a nice place to visit and close to other tourist attractions such as the London Eye
- You can say "Hey, I went there!" when it's showed in a movie etc
- It is an interesting, beautiful part of London which is definitely worth stopping to see
- Renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 in honor of
Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee
- The clock tower has become a symbol of the United Kingdom
- Many films feature the image of Big Ben along with a red double-decker bus
Facts about London
- London is the capitol city of the UK
- Before Tokyo, London
Brief History of the Construction

The construction of Big Ben was commissioned during the rebuilding of the Palace of Westminster in the wake of the 1834 fire. The parliament decided to include an impressive clock tower. The clock was to have a very high level of accuracy. It was designed by Edmund Denison. The design was completed in 1851 and was assembled Edward Dent. Assembly was completed in 1854 by Edward's son, Fredrick Dent. The architect of the tower itself was Augustus Pugin. The construction was completed in 1859.
Frame Structure

-can be designed to support large amounts of force
-versatile; easy to renovate
had the world's largest population and reached 1,000,000 citizens in 1811
- London hosted the world olympics twice, most recently the summer olympics in 2012

Websites used:

- Wikipedia
- parliament.uk
Very Brief History
of its Construction
The construction of Big Ben was commissioned during the rebuilding of the Palace of Westminister in the wake of the 1834 fire. The parliament decided that the new buildings should include an impressive clock tower. The construction began with the laying of the foundation in 1843 and was finished in 1858 with no official opening ceremony.
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