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No description

Charlene Brown

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Plagiarism

The theft of intellectual property.

In other words...
If someone else thought of it,
A Citation
Is the written credit given to an author
It must be done in a specific format.
MLA format: the modern
language association
Should be in the paper AND
on the works cited page
How can I AVOID plagiarism???
Keep track of where
my information came from!
Keep a list of those places.
Give credit to the author as I write.
Only take credit for my own
original thoughts
Do not write with the original
sources in front of me!
Notecards and sourcecards can help,
but as long as you are keeping track as you go, your job will be easier;
for example, if you are saving your citations to a document as you find them, you will better avoid plagiarism.
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