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Evolution of visual effects

No description

Dustin Parris

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Evolution of visual effects

Evolution of Visual Effects in Film History There are different options on the top left hand corner.. you can insert
pictures or youtube videos... text frames arrows boxes... anything.. haha. Justchoose a place in here somewhere and make a little presentation thing.
Don't worry about the animation yet.. we will do that later. Just get the information down. YOu can zoom in and our REALLY far to place different stuff.
Have any questions give me a call. - Dustin Great site to find out the different milestones of visual effects

http://www.filmsite.org/visualeffects.html 2000-2010 Landmarks in Video Effects Landmarks in Visual Effects Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? If you have seen this movie you might wonder what visual effects are in this movie.... I wondered myself.

This was the first feature film to be entirely color-corrected by digital means, giving the film a washed-out, sepia tone, to give the feeling of old or antique. 2000 1980-1999 E.T. - 1982

Many visual effects used to create scenes like
the famous flying bicycles. Breakthrough with a lot of movies during this decade.

Star Trek II ('82): First to use an entire sequence
Tron ('82): Used 20 minutes worth & back lighting
*First video 1:50-1:56 1940-1959 Animated Visual Effects In the 40's there was no computers to make animals talk or super heroes fly, animators had to do it. This frame is from the
1942 film Road to Morroco The Thief of Bagdad This movie was made in 1940 and used many
visual special effects to show the mystery and mystique of the movie. There were many examples of the great special effects of the movie; The giant genie, a majic carpet ride, flying horses, a six armed assasin, ect. Mighty Joe Young Made in 1949, this film used stop motion animation to make the giant ape move and seem life like. Each gesture and every movement had to be carefully done, this took a lot of time to complete. There were flaws to this type of animation though, in many scenes the scale was off a bit and Joe seemed to be changing size. Destination Moon Made in 1950, this was a pioneering science-fiction adventure film, with an ingenious use of models. The models consisted of the realistic moonscape, and the space ship to get them to the moon. Young Sherlock Holmes
first fully CGI photorealistic character ('85): Luxo Jr. ('86):
first fully CGI film
Pixar (Desk lamps) The Abyss ('89):
CGI water Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) CAPS- Computer Animation Production System First digital/computerized ink-and-paint system
Used by Disney and Pixar
No hand paint used
First movies used with this technology:
The Rescuers Down Under ('90) Beauty and the Beast ('91) Breakthrough Movies of the 1990's Introduced the Body Motion Capture
(Sensored Covered Suit) Lawnmower Man ('92) The Nightmare Before Christmas ('93) Milestone of stop-motion photography
60 seconds of the filme took a week = 3yrs *0:27-0:34 Jurassic Park ('93) CGI milestone Forrest Gump ('94) Digitally composited interplay with historical events and people. (Ex: President Kennedy) The MAsk ('94) Combined live-action with cartoons in one frame. (Ex: Human face with cartoon eyes)
CGI human effects *1:01 -1:06 Babe ('95) Used computer effects to improve the look of animals talking. Toy Story ('95) First film to be made entirely by computer animation.
Pixar's first feature length film. Marvin the MArtian in the Thrid Dimension ('97) First movie to be viewed with 3D glasses The 1960's - 1980 The Birds Alfred Hitchcocks most expensive film to date was nominated for an Oscar in Best achivment in Special Effects.
Use of both real and anamatronic birds This famous scene was a complex special effects shot with combined use of over TWO DOZEN seperate visual elements Cleopatra This film took the Oscar from the "The Birds" in 1963
Monumental budget $44 Million ($300 Million today) made this one of the most expensive films ever made
Used larger than life scale replicas and lots of visually striking effects
1963 1963 Mary Poppins 1964 First winner in new Academy Award Category, Achivemnet in Special VISUAL effects
Great job of subtly joining live action with animation like the scene below
This scene used an effect called Sodium Vapor Compositing: A new dual film traveling system similar to the Blue or Green Screen effect Fantastic Voyage 1966 One of the most revolutionary films in special effects.
Some of the most realistic footage of space
Use of full scale sets and never before seen effects.
Winner of Academy Award For Visual Effects
The Andromeda Strain 1971 First film to use advanced computerized visual effects
Out of a 6.5 million dollar budget, $250,000 went just to special visual effects. Thats a lot.
Contanined possibly the First use of computer rendering. ( Shown in the image below) 1968 The 70's This film won the 1966 Academy Award for Achivment in Special Visual Effects.
Used life size submaries 2001: A Space Odyssey Posedion Adventure
Earthquake The Hindenberg 1972 1974 1975 Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 Notable for the sequence of the landing of the impressive alien mother ship - a 400 lb. fiber-glass model that was four feet high and five feet wide
This film was nominated for an Academy Award in Visual effects but lost to... StarWars IV: A New Hope 1977 This film became revolutionary milestone in special effects history.
First film where a motion control camera was used
First major work of "Idustrial Light & Magic" , George lucas' special fx company. Evolution of Monumental Special Effects Films Group C presents.. Superman: The Movie When Worlds Collide This was a follow-up to Destination Moon, included great special effects such as a fireball - a sun sized body called Bellus - and a rocket propelled spaceship. War Of The Worlds This was the first visual effects- laden "popcorn" film, featuring vibrant color special effects, and the destruction of various cities and landmarks. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea The notable effects in this movie was the depiction of the Nautilus and the giant squid fight. The Ten Commandments With one of the most expensive special effects to date, this movie shows the parting of the Red Sea. This involved the use of miniatures, pyrotechnics, traveling matte paintings, rear projection, and a 32 foot high dam or water tank churring out the waterfall. 1978 Used invovating 3-d like title sequences
This title effect was called "Streak Photography"
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