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Juan Diego Giraldo Holguin

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The childhood of Santiago Bolivar
I remember the first year of study, I had six years old.
My Childhood was very happy and fun.
The childhood of Daniel Gallego.
The first communion is the moment much important of my

childhood since rece, ved for the firsts time in the eucharist

and I cloud cofess jesus or my sins shared with a priest

jesus in eddition.
The childhood of Luis Miguel.
My favorite and important moment was

when, traveled to city medellin to know

the zoo santafe and in where also knew

savages animal as mammals and reptiles.
I liked eat the pizza and hamburguer.
I remember that from little like the music.
I liked the T.V programs how the simpson.
The childhood of Juan David.
My mother inscribed in everything he saw soccer, table tennis and basketball.
I the evenings I liked to go out to play for the block.
The garden and studied in " RIN,RIN,RENACUAJO".
GRADO: 11-06
The childhood of Santiago Patiño.
one of the more humorous moments of my childhood was when I went barefoot with my family and friends and while I was "pulling puddles" by megaphone said they had lost a child and said they were reassured by it was not my sister because she had a lot of bust.
Investigate I loved nature.
I loved to eat fruits like bananas and pears.
I had a bitch which worshiped.
The childhood of Juan Diego
I remember when my parents took me to pintada Antioquia to the "FARALLONES".
My father took me the work medellin city in the truck.
I lived in the "PLANTA" to six (6) year a go in the place I lived my childhood.
My mother took me travel "SAN ANDRES, COLOMBIA".
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