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Tyler Hartman

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Safety

By: Tyler Hartman, Matt Dauk and Casey Bauer Personnel and Safety Management ` Chapter 9 Building Design Expert. (Designer). (2012). Retrieved from http://www.designoffice.org.uk/www_bde_com/hometest/2011/10/bim-building-information-modelling-can-it-really-help/
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Gambatese, J. A., Behm, M., & Rajendran, S. (2008). Design's role in construction accident causality and prevention: Perspectives from an expert panel. Science Direct: Safety Science, pp. 675-691.
Lorent, P., 1987. Les conditions de travail dans l’industrie de la construction, productivite , conditions de travail, qualitie concerte e et totale. CNAC, Brussels.
Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, OSHA. (n.d.). Minnesota osha'a most frequently cited standards in the construction industry. Retrieved from website: http://www.doli.state.mn.us/OSHA/PDF/fact_11cited_construc.pdf
Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, OSHA. (n.d.). 2011 mnosha fatality and serious injury investigation summary. Retrieved from website: http://www.dli.mn.gov/osha/PDF/11_fatal_log.pdf
Mroszczyk, J. (2012). Designing For Construction Worker Safety. Retrieved from American Society of Safety Engineers: www.asse.org/practicespecialties/.../John_Mroszczyk_Article.doc
National association of safety professionals. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.naspweb.com
Rajendran, S., & Clarke, B. (2011). Building information modeling, safety benefits & opportunities. Professional Safety, 2011(October), 44-51. Retrieved from
Safe construction design 1 [Web]. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ0Tb0bV8i4 References Building Information Modeling BIM Role of Design in Construction Safety Chapter 9 Review ("National association of," 2012) Can the use of BIM make construction safer? BIM Safety Benefits & Opportunities
By: Sathy Rajendran and Brian Clarke Designing for safety is the best method for eliminating hazards and reducing risk in industry. Membership Access to NASP Website
Access to Online Training
Job Mart Access (Rajendran & Clarke, 2011) (Mroszczyk, 2012 (Gambatese, Behm, & Rajendran, 2008) Construction Site Safety Video •Certified Safety Manager (CSM)®------$1895
•Certified Safety Administrator (CSA)------$2295
•Master Safety Administrator (MSA)------$3295
•Licensed Safety Professional (LSP)®------$4795 Permanent features of the project were a casual factor in the incident

Linkage to the design for construction safety concept was affirmed if the structure failed during construction because it was not designed to withstand construction activities

Features of the permanent structure prohibited the constructor from implementing a temporary safety device The planning and design passes provide an opportunity to eliminate hazards before they appear on the job site and the ability to eliminate hazards diminishes as the project progresses. Three Criteria ` Safety is linked to design

NASP offers training that is good for architects and laborers alike

Care about who your working with and think about what your doing Conclusion Interview $95 Individual Member Fee
$950 Corporation Membership Advantages Stephanie Taylor
Principal Safety Investigator
MN OSHA Compliance- Duluth
Phone (218) 733-7842
stephanie.taylor@state.mn.us "Care... and think..." An employee washing windows fell from an eight-story building. Fatality.
An Employee was raising a Genie lift... when he came into contact with an energized primary line. Fatality.
An employee entered a warehouse area to retrieve a package... did not turn on the lights and fell off the edge of the dock in the warehouse. Fatality MNOSHA Investigation Summaries (Building Design Expert, 2012) (Rajendran & Clarke, 2011) ("Minnesota osha'a most," ) ("2011 mnosha fatality," ) ("Safe construction design 1," 2011)
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