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Siemens S7-1200 Series

No description

Tan Siang

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of Siemens S7-1200 Series

5 models - Different Build in Memory, Signal & Communication port

Can expend I/O by installing I/O board inside the controller

1217C and 1215C have build in 2x PROFINET ports
S7- 1212C can accommodate up to 2 and 1214C, 1215C & 1217C up to 8 signal modules on the right side

SIEMENS S7-1200 Series
Tan SS July 2014
Using memory cards
First need to specify the card type. You can choose from the following card types:

Can load the user program on the memory card. The internal load memory of the device is replaced by the memory card. The user program is then fully executable from the memory card. If the memory card with the user program is removed, there is no longer a program available.

If it is used as a transfer card, you can transfer the user program from the memory card to the internal load memory of the CPU. You can then remove the memory card again.

S7- 1200 can accommodate up to 3 communication modules on the left side

To the right:
Signal Modules (up to 8 modules)
1214C, 1215C & 1217C max DI 128, DO 128 (with DI/DO 16/16 module)

Power Connector
Add-on Module
Memory Card Slot
Status LED
Build In DI/DO
PROFINET connector
SIEMENS S7-1200 Controller
SIEMENS S7-1200 Layout
Memory Cards
Signal & Comm Boards
Can expend I/O by installing I/O board inside the controller

Can expend RS485 communication or Battery board (Long term Backup of RTC)
Communication Module
Signal Modules
To the left:
Communication Modules (up to 3 modules)
2nd Generation HMI Panels

The device series offers panels with 4", 7", 9" and 12" displays, and combined key or touch operation

They can be installed in portrait mode and are especially energy-efficient due to their 100% dimmable brightness.

The new USB interface allows you to connect a keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner and supports easy archiving of data on a USB stick.
HMI Panels
Compare S7-1200 to S7-300
TIA Portal
or you can monitor the system with tablet + app
Next Stop --> Modules
Only requires TIA for development.
Fairly scalable but not nearly to extent that 300.
Build in I/O module & able to extend with add-on I/O board


Depending on model, can be much faster.
Certainly has a lot of stability in its firmware and software (can use SIMATIC or TIA).
Can use statement list programming.
More flexible with larger amount of I/O.
Can use breakpoints in development.
S7-1200 RRP:
1215C DI 14, DO 10, AI 2, AO 2 + board DI 2 & DO 2 RM1450~1600
1211C + V13 Basic RM1700

Add-on board RM200 - 500
DI/DO module c/w 16DI and 16DO RM730

3G modem ~RM2000
RS485 communication module RM400
CP1242 profibus slave RM1400
CP1243 profibus master RM2100

SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional
The professional version is more expensive,
but brings a lot of benefits.

It include the PLCSIM,
what is a powerfull tool to simulate your
programms with also simulated hardware.
(offline simulation)

It include S7-Graph
what is a powerfull sequence - system to build large
and complex step - sequences. Also the "ProAgent"
dignostic is supported.

It include SCL
what is a "high"-language, that remind of Delphi and Pascal.
Nice for artithmetic functions, but a poor editor.

Siemens S7-300 RRP:
312C RM1188
313C DI 24 / DO 16, AI 4, AO 2 combo RM2445 (need SD card, front connector)

DI/DO module c/w 16DI and 16DO RM1218

① Communication module (CM), communcation processor (CP), or TS Adapter
③ Signal board (SB), communication board (CB), or Battery Board (BB)
④ Signal module (SM)
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