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The Nervous System

No description

Polina Yagusevich

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of The Nervous System

The Nervous System The base of the Tissues are neurons or nerve cells Grey and White Matter are made up of Neurons and control your functions The Brain And Spinal Cord are were the Nurons spread out from to the rest of the body. From Nerrons to Grey and White Matter, to the brain and spinal cord, thats the nervous system, our control center. The Nervous Sysyem is a facinating phenomia in the biological world. If you took all the infromation in your body and saved it to a computer, the computer would have to be the size of 5 empire state buildings! and a few billion microscopic cells carry it all. dive into scientificaly biological enlightenment on this jourley through the stars of life. By: Polina Yagusevich Images from google.com
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