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new zealand

No description


on 23 April 2016

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Transcript of new zealand

New Zealand
In the southern Pacific Ocean, 1600 km east of Australia
splits in North and South Island and some smaller islands
total area of 268 000 sq km
Population: 4.4 mio
Capital: Wellington
Major languages: Maori, English
Major religion: Christianity
northernmost city in NZ
population: 52,200 (June 2012)
three quarter of the population:
European descent, rest: Maori
area of 270,000 hectares
no part is more than 40 kms from the sea
160 km from Auckland
Whangarei falls
town basin
Poor Knights Islands
What they use is it for
of the World"
"The Lord of the Rings "
and "The Hobbit"
Guided Tours
The Green Dragon Inn
Its various landscapes
In the 13th century Maoris discover and settle down in New Zealand
wars and conflicts between Maori tribes always constant
In 1642: first European was Abel Tasman (Dutch) to reach NZ water
he didn't even set his foot ashore
around 1740: next Europeans arrive
1769: James Cook (British explorer)
from the late 1790's on: whalers, traders and missionaries
New Zealand History
1840: Treaty of Waitangi
That's a large Maori war canoe, called 'waka'
The Haka
Ka mate Ka mate
It is death It is death
Ka ora Ka ora
It is life It is life
Ka mate Ka mate
It is death It is death

Ka ora Ka ora
It is life It is life
Tenei Te Tangata Puhuruhuru
This is the hairy man
Nana i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra
Who caused the sun to shine again for me
Upane Upane
Up the ladder Up the ladder
Upane Kaupane
Up to the top
Whiti te ra
The sun shines!
Basic information about New Zealand
Kiwiana (Kiwi lifestyle)
Whangarei, my exchange city
Sights around New Zealand
Abriged History
NZ accent
Kiwi Slang
Ads - TV commercials
Aotearoa - "land of the long white cloud"
Aroha - love
Aussie - Australian
Aye - used at the end of the sentence, comparable with the German "oder" or "ne?"
Bach - small holiday home or beach house
Barbie - BBQ
Cheers - thanks, goodbye
Dairy - corner store
Fancy - something attractive
Fizzy drink - soda
Hangi - traditional Maori meal prepared in an underground oven
Heaps - a lot
Hongi - traditional Maori greeting, "nose kiss"
Jersey - sweater
Kumara - sweet potatoe
Loo - toilet
Mean - good
Nana - grandmother
No worries - no problem
Pissed - drunk
Pissed off - angry, annoyed
Sweet as - yes, right, cool, agreed (bro)
Dig your own spa pool
Naturally heated mineral water bubbles up from deep within the earth to emerge through the sand
Hot Water Beach
Kia Ora!
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