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James Calhoon

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Censorship

Wartime Censorship
Government Censorship of Video Games
Government Censoring
Video Games
Censorship of expression prevents free speech,
and hinders the ability to share thoughts
To censor
or not to censor?
That is the question
Your lives are based off of censorship.
Censorship is all around you and has existed since the ancient times.
Today censorship is prevalent in movies, video games, books, and even your school textbooks!
It is difficult to see what is hidden from you, which is why many people do not realize or know that their information is being censored.
This is Baidu
China's most popular search engine
This is a search result page for the
1989 Tiananmen Square Protests
Accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies, some search results were not displayed.
"Accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies, some search results were not displayed."
But wait! There's more!
Even our own democratic nation censors!
Freedom of Speech
“...the right to express one's thoughts and to communicate freely with others affirms the dignity and worth of each and every member of society, and allows each individual to realize his or her full human potential.”
“Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings"

-Heinrich Heine
This is the American Flag

How did we attain this?
This is racial inequality

How did we overcome this?
Singing 'happy birthday' is actually illegal without a copyrighted license!

The song is copyrighted by
Time Warner!
the government
“ If you don't like content in a book, don't read it. If you don't want your child to read a book, take it away. But you [the government] do not have the right to decide "appropriateness" for everyone.”
-Ellen Hopkins
What exactly is censorship
Our freedom of speech is guaranteed by the first amendment which states
Right to Free Speech
"...congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right...to petition the government for a redress of grievences."
can be defined as the regulation or suppression of writing or speech that is considered harmful to the common good or a threat to national security
But why has it become such a controversial topic?
by Jessica Betts, James Calhoon, and Kenji Japra.
Video Game Censorship
Should kids be playing this?
Wolfenstein 3D (1992) banned in Germany for Nazi related content.
The government censors things they don't want the public to know, or to create bias.

The same type of censorship happens in textbooks.

You won't see a lesson on how China violates human rights in a Chinese school textbook.
Why censor?
"latest of example of the hypocrisy of U.S. authorities who claim to be concerned about the feelings of American military families, while really simply desiring to censor the war’s horrors from the eyes of the American people"

-Dave Lindorff from The Public Journal
Without freedom of speech,
many of these achievements
wouldn't be possible
When was the last time your parents monitored what you watched on TV?
Television Censorship
Government Censorship of Video Games
Censorship is counterproductive to a developing society; however, sometimes it is morally necessary.
Women's Rights
How are we overcoming this?
Through freedom of speech
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