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Emily Daum

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Madagascar Emily Daum
Ms. Benedetti pd 3
Mrs.Durika pd 1
Ms. Kline pd 814 -June 26th, 1960, Independence was granted to Madagascar from France Historical Dates -President- Andry Rajoelina Government Culture Wildlife & Agriculture of Madagascar Bibliography Madagascar - Madagascar is an island -located in Africa specifically in Southern Africa - it is 226,658 square miles -main island- located 250 miles across the Mozambique channel The Geographic Location Emily Daum
Ms. Benedetti period 3
Mrs. Durika period 1
Ms. Kline period 8 days 1 & 4 -Madagascar's first settlers were believed to arrive from Malaysia and Indonesia two thousand years ago -France took control of Madagascar in 1896 -republic government -Prime Minister- Jean Omer Beriziky -Independent country -Malagasy, English, and French are the three main languages -Breakfast-7am Lunch-12pm Dinner-7pm -41% Christian -7% Muslim -52% Indigenous -population about 22 million people -People in Madagascar normally wear a lamba, which is a blanket of cloth that is worn over clothing, and sandals -Madagascar is an island -subsistence farmers -animal herders -half the world's chameleon varieties -over 6,000 species of flowering plants Australian bush flower Orange Veiled Chameleon "Madagascar."Africa::Madagascar.2013.CIA World Factbook.19.Apr.2013
<http://www.ciaworldfactbook.com>. "Madagascar."Culture Grams.2012.Culture Grams.7.Apr.2013
<http://culturegrams.com>. "Madagascar."Lands and People.2013.Go Grolier.8.Feb.2013
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