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Facilitating Change

No description

Maggie Emshoff

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Facilitating Change

Facilitating Change Chaos Theory

Postmodern Theory Education Change Theory Changing Teacher Conditions and Individual Teachers Nonlinear
Butterfly Effect
Feedback Mechanism
Strange Attractors
Resistane to certainty and resolution;
Rejection of fixed notions of reality,knowledge, or method
Acceptance of complexity, of lack of clarity, and of lack of multiplicity
Acknowledgement of subjectivity, contradiction, and irony
Irreverence for tradtions of philosophy or morality
Deliberate intent to unsettle assumptions and presuppositions
Refusal to accept boundaries or hierarchies in ways of thinking
Disruption of binaries that define things as either/or School capacity
Evolutionary Planning
Problem Solving
School Cultures of Continuous Improvement Stages of Change
Higher stages of concern (consequence, collaboration, refocusing)
Change is needed "away from...toward..." Nobody's but mine
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