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Freak the Mighty Poetry

No description

Clarissa Dorr

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty Poetry

5 Senses Poem
2 Word Poem
Freak the Mighty

Nine feet
Dynamic duo
Super strength
Brain power
Slay dragons
Conquer quests
Rescue damsels
Best friends

3 Word Poem
Freak the Mighty
Friendship, fun, adventure
Fun, adventure, quests
Adventure, quests , knights
Quests, knights, danger
Knights, danger, killer
Danger, killer, Kane
Killer, Kane, rescue
Kane, rescue, conquered
2 & 3 Word Poem Requirements

Each poem should have 8 lines
Both poems should relate to events, characters, or themes of
Freak the Mighty
Each poem should have illustrations
Each poem should have a title
Both poems should be on the same page.
Be neat!
Be creative!

Acrostic Poems
Freak the Mighty Poetry
K - Knights of the Round Table
E - excited about life
V - virtuous
I - Investigates
N - Never a dull moment
Acrostic Poem Requirements
Pick two characters to write about
Use interesting and unique words to describe the characters
Each acrostic poem should be on a separate sheet of paper.
Each poem should have illustrations that reflect the character.

Five Senses Poem
In the five senses poem, you will use
and the
5 senses
to describe a person/place/thing or emotion.
Pick an emotion or other subject to write about.
Line 1: What color is the emotion?
Line 2: What does it taste like?
Line 3: What does it sound like?
Line 4: What does it smell like?
Line 5: What does it look like?
Line 6: How does it make you feel?
5 Senses Poem Requirements
You will write a 6 line poem about a person/place/thing or emotion. Include a title.
Your poem should also include illustrations.
Your poem should be as descriptive as possible. Paint a picture in the reader's mind with your words.
You will be graded on neatness and creativity.
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