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Emergency Medicine Presentation

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Sarah Moyes

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Emergency Medicine Presentation

Emergency Medical Situations By Sarah and Bailey
May 6, 2013
Period 4 Bellwork
May 10, 2013 Essential Questions Broken Bones Snake Bites How To Make A Splint Have you ever been in an emergency situation and how did you react? If you haven't ever been in one, give an example of one. What are the characteristics of an emergency. (In other words, what is it?)
How should you react during an emergency situation? Splint the injury in the position it was found in. Make sure to splint it above and below the site of the break.
Mess with it as little as possible, and only if the area is losing circulation. Make sure the splint is firm, but loose enough to allow circulation.
Apply an ice pack to prevent as much swelling as possible.
If there is bleeding, gently put a sterile cloth on it to stop the bleeding. CALL 911!!!
Clean the wound, but do not cut it or attempt to suck out the venom. (This would just do more damage than benefits.)
Immobilize the wound and keep it level with your heart.
Remain calm and move as little as possible to help prevent the venom from spreading throughout the body. For more information, go to:

www.emergencycareforyou.org/EmergencyManual/WhatToDoInMedicalEmergency/Defaultaspx?id212 Lay the broken limb on a solid surface.
Either circle gauze wrap or tape around the limb and the splint. Make sure it is above and below the wound, not directly on it.
Even when it is splinted, keep the limb as immobile as possible. How To Make a Sling Take a piece of fabric, a long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt, and lay it across your torso going diagonally from your broken limb.
Bring the piece of whatever that is hanging directly beneath the broken area and bring it straight up and behind your shoulder.
Tie both ends together at the shoulder opposite of your broken limb. How To Take Care of a Snake Bite Always CALL 911 first!
Then, clean the wound, but do not flush it out.
DO NOT cut it or attempt to suck the venom.
Immobilize the wound and keep it level with your heart.
Remain calm and try not to move so that the venom will not move as quickly to your heart. Question 1 What is the first step in any emergency? Answer CALL 911!!! Question Two What is one thing you do when you get a broken bone? Question 3 What is one thing you do when you get a snake bite? Question 4 Define an emergency. Answer A sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action. Question 5 Define immobilize. Answer Immobilizing is keeping an object from moving. Question 6 True of False:

When I get bitten by a snake, I should apply a tourniquet. Answer False Question 7 True of False:

If you get bitten by a snake, staying immobile will help to prevent the spread of poison. Answer TRUE! Bonus Question Explain how to splint an arm with everyday materials.
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