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Independent Regulatory Commisions

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on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Independent Regulatory Commisions

What are they?
Textbook definition: A government agency or commission with regulatory power whose independence is protected by Congress
interstate commerce committee
Department of Energy
Homeland Security
Transportation and Protection Agency
US food and drug administrations (FDA)
Consumer Product Safety Commissions
Federal Trade Committee
Federal Communications Committee (1934)
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (1920)
Federal Highway Administration (1966)
Federal Railroad Administration (1966)
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (1978)
What Can They Do?
arrange review of administrative decisions of courts or other bodies
require administrators to give reasons explaining their actions
require administrators to follow principles that promote non arbitrary and responsive decisions
have statutory authority to perform their functions with oversight from the legislative branch. Their actions are generally open to legal review.
How did they start?
Started by the Paperwork Reduction Act
This listed 19 newly formed Regulatory Commissions

Independent Regulatory Commissions
They are technically part of the executive branch but they do not report to the President which is why they are independent of the different branches of government
They deal in the area of administrative law
Brought to you by...
Chris, Fernando, and Aubtin
Typically they are commissions and departments
The existence of independent regulatory agencies is justified by the complexity of certain regulatory and supervisory tasks that require expertise, the need for rapid implementation of public authority in certain sectors, and the drawbacks of political interference.
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