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elizabeth cady stanton

No description

Marissa m

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of elizabeth cady stanton

Elizabeth Cady Stanton What criticism of American society did the dividual have? What methods did the person use to improve American life? What success did the individual have in promoting reform? What detail(s) of the person's work made her an interesting historical figure? ~Stanton criticized the treatment of women, the relationship between men and women, and women's rights and suffrage ~Elizabeth worked with Lucretia Mott and organized America's first women's-rights convention at Seneca Falls, New York. This was an early influential women's rights convention.
~During the Civil War, Elizabeth and Susan B. Anthony created the National Woman's Loyal League for constitutional abolition of slavery.
~After the war, Elizabeth and Susan tried, and failed, to connect women suffrage to black suffrage. They then criticized the 14th and 15th amendments.
~National Woman Suffrage Association eventually secured the Nineteenth Amendment. What lasting impact did the person's reforms have on American society? To what extent was the reformer obsessed with achieving an impractical goal through fanatical or impractical means? By: Marissa Midgley ~Her hard work led to the 19th amendment, which allowed women to vote. This was finalized 18 years after her death.
~Her book, The Woman's Bible, challenged the church's interpretations of the Bible and the teachings of Christ.
~Declaration of Sentiments --> "All men AND women are created equal" ~She wrote articles and speeches on women's rights, an autobiography and a critique of women's treatment by religion. Stanton also formed multiple organizations for equal rights and women's suffrage. ~Stanton worked with many others to form a few groups such as the National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) and the National Woman's Loyal league.
~She served as the NWSA's president.
~She won property rights for women who were married, equal custody of children and liberalized divorce laws. ~Stanton was so against women "obeying" men, that she had the word "obey" removed from her wedding ceremony with Henry Brewster Stanton.
~Not only did she fight for women's rights, she also was an abolitionist.
~Stanton served as the writer in the partnership between her and Susan B. Anothony. Stanton was very passionate and dedicated. She published works, wrote speeches, and performed in multiple organizations. ~Elizabeth Cady Stanton won more women rights. Her reforms allowed women to leave marriages that were harmful to them, her children, or their economic well-being.
~Her actions helped with the established 19th amendment, which allowed women to vote.
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