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The Dark Side of Water

This prezi covers the topic of pollution and deadly toxics and the effect/affects it can have on life and an enviroment. Water has a dark side, and its because of us. This is a must see presentation. Please view.

Katelyn Lawrence

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of The Dark Side of Water

What is The Dark Side of Water?
The Dark Side Of Water
By The Mystical Water Group
What is the dark side of water? The dark side of water is basically
, or in this case polluted water, and the affects it can have on wild life and their
. Some affects could be a decreasing population of an animal or species, because of chemicals and pollution.
Taking A Step To Help
Recently, the students of the six grade at Park Meadows Elementary took a field trip to Rio Salado, a riparian reserve.

This is a place where animals and natural wild life can live with out disruption from humans. When we arrived there we measured how polluted the water was and how safe the water was at that time. This helped us to know what we needed to do to keep the wild life safe from harmful chemicals and a toxic environment.
This is a reserve like
Rio Salado

- a substance that has harmful and poisonous effects to the environmen

- a reserve is a natural place set aside for animals,

-the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.

- the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by individual particles (total suspended or dissolved solids) that are generally invisible to the naked eye, similar to smoke in air.

- TDS finds how pure water is and how clear/ clean the water may be. FWI: TDS stands for total dissolved solids.

- PH measures how acidity water is at a time.

- Temperature measures how hot or cold the water is in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

- Coots are a type of duck, but do not have webbed feet, and are smaller with a sharper beak.

Levels of Pollution
This is Rio Salado a reserve.
If you wanted to know the different levels of chemicals in a lake, riverbed, wet land, ect., you could measure the
, and
. Each will tell you the level of pollution in the water, except temperature. For example, TDS will tell you how pure or clean the water is, which can help you to know if marine life or other animals are in danger.
At P.M. (Park Meadows) School
what did u do?
The Effects of Trash At Seas
The most serious threats to our oceans is plastic pollution. Plastic is approximately 90% of all trash floating on the ocean’s surface, with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile. Why is there so much plastic in the ocean? Unlike other types of trash, plastic does not biodegrade; instead, it photo-degrades with sunlight. These plastic pieces are eaten by marine life, washed up on beaches, or broken down into microscopic plastic dust. Plastic is also swept away by ocean currents, landing in swirling vortexes . Trash then covers the seas due to the vortexes.

At Rio Salado , we saw all kinds of wild life. Birds, turtles, small bugs (beetles,flies, and all different types of organisms) , fish,
, and ducks.
Polluted Water
Thank you for taking your time to evaluate our presentation. We hope you learned something great and have a even more interest in our subject. As we grow up we hope to remember our studies in water, how we need to treasure our world , and respect it. We all will take care of our water and land and we hope you will too.
The Mystical Water Group six graders, at Park Meadows School.

The Dark Side of Water. So, now you know. The dark side of water is a secret that needed to be told, and we told you. Pollution is out of control, endangering marine life. We can take simple measures for data and research like finding TDS, PH, and turbidity in certain areas. We need to save our water, oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, seas, ponds, and any source of water. Because water has a dark side, and its because of us.
The Wild Life
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