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Sea Turtles

How humans are impacting them

Hannah Rupp

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles are going extinct not because of other sea creatures,but because of us. Think about it, how could we be the cause of this when we don't even live close to them? Well Somehow we found a way to get into this mess and we are also gonna have to find a way out.
The Sea Turtle
By: Lauren O'Dougherty, Hannah Rupp, and AmmeRae Siso
What Are They?
Where Are They?
What do we Need to Worry About?
Sea turtles live in every Ocean except the Arctic Ocean. They also like to live in warm seas.
There are three species of sea turtles that live on the beaches of the U.S. Virgin Islands. They are the Green, Hawksbill, and Leatherback Sea Turtles. All three species are endangered. There used to be a huge population of sea turtles but many human imposed pressures have resulted in a massive decline in their numbers, both locally and globally
What Did We Already Do?
What is the Road to Recovery?
Shut off Lights Visible From the Beach.
Sea turtle hatchlings use light and reflections from the moon to find their way to the Ocean when they're born. Artificial lighting confuses the hatchlings and causes them to head inland instead of out to sea.
Sea Turtle covered in oil
This Graph shows the huge decline of Leatherback Sea Turtles from 1998 to 2002
What are the Major Threats to Sea Turtles?
Pollution in the Oceans.
Sea turtles are very similar to all other turtles. However they can't put their head in their shell, have flippers instead of feet, and have flatter shells.
Why is the same turtles that have survived since prehistoric times now in danger of going extinct?
What is Lauren's Opinion?
What is Hannah's Opinion?
I don't understand why this is even a debate. Put yourselves in the turtles' shoes. Would you want a stronger species debating whether to kill off your entire species just for their own benefit even though we were there first? Obviously not. So why are we even debating this? Sea turtles were here first. They have the right to live.
Entanglement in Fishing Nets
Illegal trading of their eggs, shells, and meat.
Coastal Development.
There has been a movement to protect nesting areas
Global Warming.
What are Some Fun Facts About Sea Turtles?
Fishermen have put TEDs (Turtle Excluder Device) in their nets to allow turtles and other bigger animals to escape.
Beaches have started using red or amber LED lights that don't confuse turtles.
There's been campaigns to discourage eating turtle meat.
Turtle escaping from a net with a TED
Sea Turtles have no teeth
The Leatherback Sea Turtle is the largest turtle, weighing more than 1,900 pounds
What Species are Endangered?
The Green, Hawksbill, Kimp Redley, Leatherback, Loggerhead, and Olive Ridley sea turtles are all on the endangered species list. Would if the whole species just went extinct? Would you feel guilty knowing that that McDonalds wrapper you through in the ocean last week contributed to this?
Although sea turtles do basically nothing for us humans, I still don't think we should be polluting the oceans where they live. It is estimated that there is a 100 million tons of plastic debris in all the oceans combined. They can get caught in this causing them to get seriously injured or potentially killed. It's not like they are coming and ruining our homes. Not only do we ruin their habitat but we also kill them to make things like necklaces and other accessories. Could you ever imagine yourself being in the latest issue of under the Ocean fashion magazine?
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle
What is AmmeRae's Opinion?
Personally I think that we should save them, even though they do absolutely nothing useful for me. At school we learned to, "treat others the way 'you' want to be treated!" This quote proves my point; what if one day all the sea turtles formed a "sea turtle crew" and they all tried to get rid of all humans that ever lived! (Kind of like the monkey's did in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes") Besides, not a lot of people eat sea turtles, but if you do then.................. GRODY! Yes, their shells may be cool to have but just think about it. What are you really going to do with the thing anyways? Therefore, I believe that Sea Turtles should be protected and regain their habitat.
This to this
This photo shows how pollution
from humans negatively affects
Sea Turtles.
Is it really worth it?
Prehistoric Sea Turtle
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What Happens Behind the Scenes?
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the issue of the sea turtles is really a topic that is dear to my heart. Im so passionate about saving their little souls
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Rick Astley?
Sea Turtles can hold their breath for up to a half an hour!
Leatherback Sea Turtle
The lifespan of a Sea Turtle is about 80 years
What's Our Conclusion?
Sea turtles are endangered, soon to be extinct, and it's all our fault. We need to stop the hunting of turtles, and destroying of the ocean. we need to do it fast! If we can do all that, sea turtles will once again be abundant and roaming freely in the oceans without having to worry about getting caught in fishing nets and choking on litter. They won't have to live a life full of fear and uncertainty.
A group of Sea Turtles is called a Bale
Stop Littering! Sea turtles get caught in trash in the ocean and drown.
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What is the Turtles Opinion You Ask?
Save Us!!!
See look they have so many friends! Would you really want to take that from them?
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