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Project Process Flow

No description

Theunis De Klerk

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Project Process Flow

Project data flow Client Customer Client
data Data
Export Transfer
mechanisms Striata Transfer sFTP Web Services Data receipt
processing Capture Manager Generic Polling Event
Handler Data receipt
processing Notifications Launch
Manager Data receipt
Processing Data
Pre-Processing Custom Script
(Pre-processing) Autobuilder Save File Data Processing Data Source Build
Failed Build Success Audit
Notification Build and send Striata Application Platform Reports Reports Tracking Delivery Usage Tracking Subscribe Unsubscribe Complaint Custom options Data received Process notification
?? Piet to provide list/examples Batch
Failed Batch
queued Platform
notifications Data Source
Notifications PDF +Data (csv, XML, etc.) Data (csv, XML, etc.) Other Z:\Shared\Documents\StriataDocuments\Published Documents\Documents\Product and Technical Overview\Striata Transfer_TechnicalOverview_TO1205L1 http://wiki.striata.com/index.php/Generic_Polling_System http://wiki.striata.com/index.php/Capture_Manager http://wiki.striata.com/index.php/Event_Handler_Suggested_Practices http://wiki.striata.com/index.php/Transfer_Manager http://wiki.striata.com/index.php/Striata-Custom-Autobuilder Z:\Shared\Documents\StriataDocuments\Published Documents\Documents\Product and Technical Overview\Striata_Reporting_Technical Overview_TO1207L7 Z:\Shared\Documents\StriataDocuments\Published Documents\Documents\Product and Technical Overview\Z:\Shared\Documents\StriataDocuments\Published Documents\Documents\Product and Technical Overview
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