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brickyard pizza mgmt 300 unm

No description

jon helm

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of brickyard pizza mgmt 300 unm

Presentation MGMT 300
Service Package
1. Pleasing facility

2. Food and Beverages

3. Made to order

4. Senses are titillated, taste and smells

5. Customers leave psychologically benefited.

John Waid
Zoe Chen
Jordan Wallace
Jon Helm
Thank You
- Customer Service: Thank you to server Rebecca and Manager Kaley Mcgowen
P-Chart analysis
Keys to their success:

Location (one location worldwide) Campus area

Food, Beer

Specials, Happy Hour
The Company Background
*2013 IQ magazine "Best College Bar"
Waiting Line Calcultions - Food
Waiting line 24 customers per hour average saturday from 3:30 pm info
Time drinks 3:40
Time food 13:30
Waiting Line Data
-Activated in response to orders by customers
-Inventory kept to a minimum. No finished goods kept.
-Beer and alcohol held in inventory for minimum amount of time. Only ingredients held in inventory, no pizzas or etc.
Made to Order Process
Date Total of orders Total Defects p
1 204 3 0.0147
2 204 3 0.0147
3 204 5 0.0245
4 204 2 0.0098
5 204 3 0.0147
1. Sample proportions
2. Average of the sample proportions

3. Standard deviation of the sample proportion

4 control limits
Arrival Rate = 24 customers/hour
Service Rate Drinks = 3:40
Service Rate Food = 13:30
Customers with drink orders being prepared:
242/ = 576/ = 7.72
3.667(3.667-24) 74.56

Waiting line Calculations -Drinks
Arrival Rate = 24 customers/hour
Service Rate Drinks = 3:40
Service Rate Food = 13:30
Customers with food orders being prepared:
242 = 576 = 4.063
13.5(13.5-24) 141.75

Food Order Calculations
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