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2.03 The Crusades

No description

Corallynn Chesser

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of 2.03 The Crusades

The First Crusade 2.03
The Crusades 4:30pm , December 6th, 1097
Today it was reported that an army has been formed. It is being led by Godfrey of Bouillon, Duke of Lower Lorraine. They were first seen today marching through Constantinople, though there are no reports on how large the army is. They are headed for Jerusalem and they are set to take it back and allow the Christian pilgrims back into the Holy Land.

12:23pm, September 3rd ,1098
The army has recently been dubbed "The Crusaders". They have taken over Antioch and have set up a crusader state in Edessa, run by Godfrey's brother Baldwin. I have also heard that there are almost 30,000 of them! Looks like taking Jerusalem may not be a problem for these Crusaders.

1:39pm, November 3rd, 1098
The Crusaders have reached Jerusalem! The Muslim keepers have surrendered. It has also been reported that Godfrey of Bouillon has died, but his brother Baldwin is going to take over and become the first ever king of the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Second Crusade 11:21am, October 9th, 1147
It is reported that 3 groups of knights have come together and formed a Second Crusade. These knights are the Teutonic Knights, the Knights Hospitaller, and the Knights Templar. They've come together because Muslim forces have regrouped and attacked Edessa.

7:49pm, April 13th, 1148
Two monarchs from Europe have joined the Knights! King Louis VII of France and Emperor Conrad III of Germany. They've pledged themselves to the cause and are leading armies to the Holy Land.

6:35pm, August 1st, 1149
The crusaders have failed in taking back Edessa. They turned their sights on Damascus rather than Edessa and because of the sudden change they were too unorganized. Most of the soldiers have just returned home but some have stayed, focused on defending the kingdom. The Fourth Crusade 7:23am, June 14th, 1203
Pope Innocent III has called for a new Crusade. No monarchs came forward, so French knights led the Fourth Crusade. When they were heading to the Holy Land, they were distracted by Venetian lords. These lords convinced them to capture the wealth of Eastern Orthodox Constantinople. The Fourth Crusade has sacked the capital of the Byzantine Empire, a Christian city. The Third Crusade The Final Crusades 3:17pm, September 3rd, 1217
A Fifth Crusade had begun. It is being led by King Andrew II of Hungary. He is going to the Holy land and then to Egypt.

9:18am, January 9th, 1228
Because of the failure of the Fifth Crusade, Frederick II of the Holly Land Empire decided to lead the Sixth Crusade. He has succeeded in reclaiming the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

12:16pm, December 1st, 1272
King Louis IX of France grouped together a Seventh crusade recently. They have failed to make and territorial gains. 9:13am, November 15th, 1187
A Turkic ruler, Saladin, has risen to lead the Seljuks. He has succeeded in uniting the Muslim armies of Southwest Asia and Northern Africa. Saladin's forces have taken Jerusalem and there has been a call sent throughout Europe to launch a third crusade.

1:31pm, May 11th, 1189
Three kings have come forward, Emperor Frederick Barbossa of Germany, King Phillip II of France, and King Richard I of England. They have formed a Christian Army.

2:37pm, July 10th, 1191
Frederick Barbossa died before the new crusaders could reach Jerusalem. King Phillip abandoned the crusade after the capture of Acre. King Richard is still leading campaigns against Jerusalem.

5:47pm,March 23rd, 1192
King Richard and Saladin have apparently become friends and reached a truce. King Richard has failed to retake the city but they have come up with a treaty. Saladin's Muslim empire will still be in control of Jerusalem but he has granted Christians the right to visit the city and their shrines.
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