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04.09 The Birth of New Ideas: Objectives

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Steven Mossbrooks

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of 04.09 The Birth of New Ideas: Objectives

04.09 The Birth of New Ideas:

Paris, France
While the Renaissance was taking place, many different Italian artists came to Paris, bringing the Renessaince style with them. This can be seen in many different constructions, such as the Pont Neuf and Hotel de Ville. Also, many sculptures such as "Diane and the Stag" were created. This sculpture in particular became very famous, and still is to this day.
Pont Neuf
Diane and the Stag by Jean Goujon
Hotel de Ville
Florence, Italy
During the Renaissance, the city of Florence was divided into two different guilds; One of which being a group of rich men, and the other being a group of business men. Though there was much divide, there were still very notable places, such as the Piazza Della Signoria, Giotto's Bell tower, and the Uffizi Gallery. These three places either displayed a major feat in construction, or offered you a view of some of the greatest artwork ever created.
Uffizi Gallery
Piazza Della Signoria
Giotto's Bell Tower
Wittenberg, Germany
In Wittenberg took place a serious reform movement in which a Philosopher by the name of Martin Luther spoke against the Catholic churches. He was even banished for his actions by one church. He clearly defied everything about the church. Three major places one should visit is the All states church, the Elster Gate, and Lutherhaus.
Granada, Spain
All Saints Church
Saint Mary's Church
Augustinian Monastery
The Spanish Renaissance, which sprung from the Italian Renaissance began here in Grenada, Spain. After the capture of it by Catholic Monarchs, it became the center of the Spanish movement. Located in Granada is the Granada Cathedral, the painting "the conquest of Granada from the muslims," and the Royal Hospital
London, England
The English Renaissance was a cultural and artistic movement in England dating from the late 15th and early 16th centuries to the early 17th century. Various different things can be found here such as Renaissance architecture, literature, and paintings. Some very prevalent English Renaissance work which should be seen is the painting of Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespears work, and finally the Church of England.
The Reconquest of Granada
The Royal Hospital
The Granada Cathedral
Queen Elizabeth I
The Church of England
William Shakespeare Literature
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