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Five rules of photography

A lot of work!!

Justin funky

on 6 November 2009

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Transcript of Five rules of photography

Five rules of photography
Number one Steady camera Number 2
Fill the frame Fill the frame by getting real close, not to close but close enough
to see the real subject of the picture. You could also zoom in but
to be close is always a better picture. Use the steady camera tips
as well. Have the picture so it is focusing on the target, and not
so much the things around it. Number 3 Rule of thirds Another tip is the rule of thirds. This rule is when you
image three lines both horizontally and vertically.
Try to make it so it looks like, if you are taking a picture
of a guy, make him so it looks like he is moving toward
the center of the picture. Try to keep the focus on one
of the thirds, not in the center. number 4 Rule of lighting When taking a photo, you need to make sureyou have
sunlight, or light, but not to much light. If there is no light
there is no picture. If the light is facing the picture it will
mess it up. There are four kinds of light.
Front light,
side light,
back light, and
flat light
Front light is used most when taking pictures because it
gives a well looking at the subject.
Side light is also used but no as much. Side light is when
the light is facing the side of the subject.
Back light is when the light, there is't much light and all you
can see it the outlineing of the subject and the backround.
Flat light is when the sky is more of a grey, white colour,
and makes the picture look hazy.
Number 5 Point of view Nobody says there is a certain way you have to do to take a picture. You
can take a picture from what ever angle you choose. The way you choose
to take the picture though, can change the whol emeaning and affect of
the picture. If the subject is small like a animal or pet, you may have to go
closer to the ground. Sometimes to get the best picture you may have to
climb uo on things or lie down. To get good pictures, always remeber to have a steady camera. To have steady
camera, use a tripod, or kneel down. Always have a good grip on the camera, and
have the camera on your face. Stand upstraigh, and have your legs firmly in the
ground. If you use these tips your photo will not look like a big piece of junk.

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