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Peter Zhang

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of Commodus

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Early life
Rule with father, and rise to power
Grated the title of Augustus (177 A.D.)

Ruled with his father, Marcus Aurelius

Rose to power after death of Marcus Aurelius (180 A.D.)

Policies and Events
Reduction in worth of currency

The end of war, the start for peace

Left the state run by his favorite people

Political conflicts within the empire

Dictatorship in later part of his life
Public Opinions
Popular among the army and the people, but hated by the members of the senate.

Caesar Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Augustus
Personal life and qualities
Very physically strong and handsome.
Participate in gladiator games and horse racing.
Alienation from his father's policies and families (Cassius Dio)
Proud of his physically features.
Like killing exotic animals and very lavish parties.
A great Emperor, or a crazy gladiator?
Fate of the Emperor
August 31, 161 A.D.
Birth Place:
Lanuvium, Rome
Only son left of the family

Taught by great teachers

Early into the army

Entered adulthood on the field
Marcus Aurelius
Faustina the Younger

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Annelise Freisenbruch, Caesars' Wives: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Roman Empire (London and New York: Free Press, 2010), 187.
Take these information
with a grain of salt!
Commodus might not be the best emperor, but he does put a lot into entertainments. He cut the taxes for the common people, but increased the spending in games, not mentioning that he fought himself in the gladiator matches.
However, he increased taxes on senate,
along with his dictatorship in the
government, he is not so
popular with the
members of the senate.
The start of decline for Roman empire?

Living life filled with political conspiracies

Making a time of relative peace

Hated by the Senate, not sure about the people

Not caring for ruling the country

Dropping value for currency

A new conspiracy group tries to kill him in 192 A.D. Like the many others that came before, the plan did not work, at least at first. After the conspiracy groups attempts to poison the food, the emperor actually puked out all of the poison, surviving the assassination.

However, the emperor seems to not recognize that the poison in food was an attempt to kill him, and he did not think over the event. This gave the conspiracy group a chance to kill him. They sent a wrestling partner of the emperor as the assassin, finally able to kill him in a bath.
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