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Intro to GeoPolitics

No description

Christopher Jenkins

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Intro to GeoPolitics

Political Geography
Dot Point 1:
- the changing role and nature of the nation-state
Case Study - France and the Burqa
What is Political Geography?
Geopolitics happens across many spatial scales varying in size. They include:
- community level
- state or country level
- nation level
The Levels of Geopolitics
Political Geography, or Geopolitics, is concerned with the interrelationships between politics and the geographical context in which politics takes place.
- What does it involve?
- Where does it occur?
- Who does it deal with?
Politics always takes place within a particular geographical space with within particular social, economic and cultural contexts.

Geopolitical inquiry (the study of political geography) attempts to see all the forces at work in political processes such as:
- resources
- environments
- class
- culture
- religion
Looking into the Politics of Geographical Places
What is a Nation State?
A Nation State implies that both the nation, and the state coincide within ONE Territory. That is, the territory has clearly defined borders and governance and also consists entirely of one cultural or ethnic entity.
The Shift from the Empire to Nation States:
- The Nation State arose to accommodate the rising desire for national cohesion and democracy. The previous dominant system, the empire, revolved around a central core of small elites (monarchs and nobles) .
Sovereignty - an issue in the Nation State:
What is Sovereignty?

What are some issues associated with Sovereignty in a Nation State?

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