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Sandra Cisneros

No description

Carmen Romero

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Sandra Cisneros

Where and when was Cisneros born? Who are her parents or siblings? Where did she grow up and go to school?
Group 1:
Group 3:
Who has influenced Cisneros? Why did she start writing? Does her culture influence her writing? Are there recurring themes in her work etc?
Group 4:
Readers describe
as her best work
Her book
Barbie Q
is said to be her worst book
Her writing is described as short and beautiful
However some readers call her books trash
A reader says that by reading Cisneros work she can connect with the author
Group 2:
When did Cisneros start writing? Did she he formal training? Where? What else has Cisneros written? What other genres of writing is she known for?
Sandra Cisneros
Cisneros was born December 20,1954 in Chicago
She had six brothers and the only daughter
Cisneros is Mexican-American
Her parents are from Mexico
Cisneros started writing in high school.
The only formal training she had gotten was in a high school writing workshop.
She has written
Loose Woman
, and
Have You Seen Maria
She focuses mostly on poetry.
She has been writing for more than 35 years.
Sandra Cisneros herself said, "The greatest influences on me were the Chicago Public Library and my mother who made sure we had library cards before we even knew how to read."
Cisneros had the job of a poet, a magazine editor and this helped her influence her writing.
Cisneros' culture influences her in her writing. For example - in
The House on Mango Street
, the author uses her Hispanic culture as an influence in her book.
What do others say about Cisneros work? Are there positive or negative critiques? What do others say about her style of writing?
Group 5:

What else has Cisneros done? Where has she worked? And what are her interests/passions?
Cisneros traveled to Greece to start her fiction writing
She counseled high school dropouts
She has worked as a college recruiter
She has also worked as a minority student counselor
She served as artistin-residence at Foundation Micheal Karolyi in Vence, France
She has worked as a teacher
Cisneros writes books and poetry
She also writes prose and fiction
She taught creative writing for first grade
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