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Pear Deck:

No description

Kaitlin Morgan

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Pear Deck:

Pear Deck:
Engagement of the Future

What is Engagement?
Hold Up!
Define engagement.
Basics of Pear Deck
Features of Pear Deck
Multiple Choice
Routines and Expectations
At the start of class:
Examples of Assignments
Mostly created by me and presented in class
Parting Thoughts
Don't be afraid to try out this tool in your classroom
Hold Up!
Illustrate what engagement looks like in the classroom.
Pear Deck is an engagement tool that utilizes student technology
Requires Google account
1:1 student technology
Go to Peardeck.com to begin accessing your account.
Most of the time, this is how engagement looks in my class.
Notice, it is not social media but is Pear Deck.
Before we get into what Pear Deck is, let's hear from students:
Presentation features (buttons)
Kaitlin Morgan

Short/Long answer

Number answer


Lay of the Land:
When you first log in, it signs you up for the free version; we will talk about benefits of upgrading later
View/Hide Student Responses (Anonymous)
Lock/Unlock responses
Ask Again
Quick Question
Change Views
End Session
Students open their checklist with their notes
Students log into Pear Deck
Have them opened side-by-side
Complete Sentences
Respectful behavior
Appropriate and serious answers
Students created group Pear Decks to review with each other for the final exam
Premium or Free?
Premium means unlimited uploads, ability to review, drag/draw available
Can still access draw/drag, but only in "Quick Question" section
Blog Post
Feel free to email/message/tweet me if you need any help, advice, etc.
Kaitlin Morgan
"My favorite thing about Pear Deck is that we can submit our answers and view them in class without anyone knowing who had that answer. I also get to learn from my peers with their responses."
"My favorite thing about pear deck is the fact that it is more organized and grabs students attention better rather than calling out names. It also is a faster and more productive way of being able to see is a single or couple students do not understand the material since we get to see everyone's responses and at other times these students may have been too shy to ask a question but thanks to pear deck they can do so discretely"
"Since, I'm a shy person and when I get called on I don't know what to say because I get so nervous and on pear deck I get to actually write what my opinion is on whatever we're talking about in class."
"It is fun and lets us express our opinions about what we are doing, it gives the class a good laugh, and it is a good way for teachers to know if students know the material."
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