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Patient Case Study

No description

Michelle Arellano

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Patient Case Study

The Marine Mammal Center
"Old Ray"
Why I volunteer...
Tuesday Day Harbors &
Thursday Night Topside
Old Ray
Old Ray's NEW home:
Patient Case Study
Youth Crew Capstone Project
Deirdre Denmon
Youth Crew Lead

Moss Landing Harbor on
Novermber 15, 2011
-3 gun shot wounds
Indianapolis Zoo
Report a Distressed Marine Mammal

Call (415) 289-7325 or SEAL
or report one to us online

Species: California Sea Lion
Old Ray was then release in December 13, 2011 on Rodeo Beach after his 2 gun shot wounds were healed. He was then rescued again on May 16, 2012 with another gun shot wound leaving Old Ray blind on his right eye.

No one will ever never know who pulled the trigger or when Old Ray was shot, but I do know that the shooters broke federal law, which prohibits
harming marine mammals.

Old Ray will never have a chance to go back to
the wild...
Because I feel that everyone can benefit from each other. Rather it be the trees, flowers, oceans, forest, fish and corals. We are all one way or another connected to each other. We can learn and benefit from each other. The little changes that we can do can make a world a diffence in our oceans.
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