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The journey

No description

Breeanna Blackwell

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of The journey

By: Breeanna Blackwell Flow Chart ~The Journey~ The first step The Meeting of Father and Son Odysseus Gets His Revenge Odysseus and Penelope Odysseus and Penelope The Great Challenge ~Odysseus' fifth step was to kill the suitors and get his revenge

Odysseus killed all of the suitors with his bow. Every man whom had betrayed him was killed. Odysseus had gotten his revenge and was ready to go to his wife and son. ~Odysseus' sixth step was to reveal himself to his wife.

Right after Odysseus kills all the suitors who were trying to take his place, not only his title at his kingdom but his wife as well, Odysseus reveals himself to his wife Penelope. I think that he waited to reveal himself to her for many reasons such as, to see if she was still loyal to him. She didn't believe that it was really him, so she had to test him. ~Odysseus' seventh step was to convince his wife that he was really Odysseus.

Penelope, still wasn't sure that the beggar was really her husband, so she tested him. She ordered her maid to make up Odysseus' bed and move it from their bedchamber into the hall outside his room. Odysseus was immediately furious when he heard this because one of the bed posts was made from a living olive tree that he himself had designed. The bed could not be moved unless done by god himself, no man of any size or shape could move it; he told her this, and since only Odysseus and Penelope knew this, Penelope accepted that he was her husband. She came running to him, hoping that he would forgive her. He forgave her, because he could understand why she had tested him and because he had passed the test. The Test of the Great Bow ~The first step that Odysseus took was disguising himself.

With the help of Athena, Odysseus disguised himself. There was many reasons why he did this. For one, he wanted to see what was actually going on, if he'd showed up dressed as the King people would have modified their behavior accordingly. Also he was in disguised because his home was infested with the suitors whom were trying to marry his wife. If they had found out that he was alive, they would have killed him immediately, so they could claim his title and family. ~The second step that Odysseus took was being reunited with his son, Telemachus.

This reunion took place in the hut of, Eumaeus. At first Telemachus didn't believe that the man who stood before him was his father. Telemachus thought that Odysseus was a God, but it was indeed his father Odysseus.
~The third step Odysseus took was to win his wives hand in marriage, so that the others wouldn't.

While he was still disguised has an old beggar he promised Penelope that her dearly loved Odysseus would return. He than enters the bow and arrow challenge.
~The fourth step was to win the bow and arrow challenge.

Penelope set forth a test, a test that no man could win except Odysseus. Many men tried and many men failed. Then an old beggar picked up the bow and string, he used the torches and the oil on the bow to string it. He then knocked an arrow and fired. Every one kept telling the old beggar to give up, that it was useless. But when they saw that he had strung the bow, they couldn't believe their eyes, they then saw him fire the arrow through all the rings that were placed. The finally step ~The last step that he had to take was getting his life back together.

Odysseus had forgiven his wife, got his kingdom and title back, reunited with his son, and well he had his home back. What could be any better than that?
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