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Evaluation Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Elliot Ford

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 4

Evaluation Question 4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? A lot of the equipment we used is by default,
able to work together clearly and with little
or no problems. We decided to use a DSLR,
instead of using the standard DV tape cameras,
partly for the shallow depth of field, but
partly also ease of use as it is easier to
transfer the files from the camera, as it is
stored on the SD card slot. The colours also
compliment our theme and style of our video
a lot more than a standard camera, and a DSLR
gave us the feel we needed. This could not be
acheived using film cameras, and digital yet
again helps us achieve,not higher quality
results, but the ease of being able to
experiment and sometimes trial and error,
without the hassle and expense of using a
typically 35mm film camera. To help with the presentation of my blog, I used an online website called blogger, which is a good place to blog about my media coursework, because it is easily and publicy accessable to other media corporates and my teacher, as well as other students for feedback. Using sites like Prezi and YouTube, makes it easier to share information and other forms of media that have already been created, and you merely need to share, so Blogger allows you to embed, which is using an emebbing code which is similar to a URl but it directly places it inside another website, enabling one site to share, and another to gain a wider audience. Using software like premiere pro is a
lot quicker and easier to edit,
especially after traditional methods
of actually cutting the negatives and
glueing together to make the film. It
is also easier to make copies and keep
it safe, make back ups and
export the film as it develops to get
outsiders view easily, as it is a lot
easier to put the film onto a usb stick,
as most computers have them, and therefore
easier to get feedback. I also used facebook
to show more people and get more feedback. Using many different computers for editing and keeping my blog up to date
is very useful, because I'm not limited to one computer, so I can back up my work on many computers, at ease, as I have my own USB, were I can transfer my Microsoft Word files which is a very common software which many computers have, so then I can work on it anywhere, which is a bonus of portable memory. Photoshop has helped a lot, even with casting actors. Using photoshop is a lot smoother and stylish than using paper and scissors to create a poster, it creates much smoother and higher quality effects, and gives you access to online brushes and user made tools for various uses. We used it for our magazine advert and our digipack, photoshop, as a digital editing software, really helps you use cameras, scanners and similar equipment to combine all these different mediums to create something truly spectacular.
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