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Dolley Madison

No description

Sydney Powell

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of Dolley Madison

Dolley Madison
(First Lady) Family: Father: John Payne mother: Mary Coles Payne (she was one of seven children) Born: May 20th, 1768 Her family followed the Anglican & Episcopalian
religious beliefs (and they were also Quakers). Dolley met & married a young lawyer,
John Todd Jr. They had two sons. They were
only married three years when He (along with
one of their sons) died of yellow fever. Only a few years after John's death,
a family friend, Aaron Burr, introduced
Dolley to then congressman, James
Madison. They were married just weeks later. James Madison
was elected
in 1809. three years after the election, in 1812, a
war was brewing in the U.S. During the war of 1812, Madison left the
White House to fight on the front line. Dolley stayed in Washington, gathering state documents, the president's papers & books,
silver & china, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, cabinet papers,
and the famous (and valued) painting of George Washington painted by: Gilbert Stuart. August 1814, during the war of 1812, the first lady took command of the White House to save the young nation's treasures. The British were
bombing only miles away. After abandoning the White House and collecting the valuables, she fled to Virginia until later in August. Near the end of August, James and Dolley went back to Washington, and stayed with one of Dolley's sisters until the White House was re-built. On February 14th, few months after returning to Washington, Dolley threw a dinner party for guests and James held a Cabinet meeting discussing the rough draft of a peace treaty. Once Dolley abandoned the White House, it was bombed, and burnt down to the ground. This rough draft was brought to Madison by Henry Carrol, secretary of the American Peace Delegation. Carrol had just returned from Ghent, Belgium, with this Peace Treaty. After a while in the meeting, James and his cabinet members came down stairs declaring peace. And with that, the Octagon House celebrated. Thanks to Dolley Madison's courage in saving many important things from the White House, James Madison was able to change from
a potentially impeachable president, to a national hero overnight. Dolley Madison's wits, beauty, and charm set high standards for future first ladies.
She was very much admired for her warm personality and sense of style. After James' terms in office, he and Dolley
retired to his property in Virginia. When he died,
Dolley sold their house (and property). After selling the property, she moved back to Washington,
where she was a favored guest at social events, in the White House.

The current president was Zachary Taylor, and he nick-named her the
'first lady of the land'. This was later shortened to 'first lady'.

This nick-name would stick, with every wife of the current president. Dolley Madison died and was buried in Virginia in July of 1849.
She offered advice to many of the first ladies (including the wives of pres. Van Buren, Tyler and Polk). And she was also an important figure on the Washington Social Scene. Other facts about Dolley: She started the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. Some criticized her for her cards, race tracks, gambling and snuff. After Dolley's death, a bakery was dedicated to her. The most famous treats sold are Zingers and donuts. Questions??
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