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Fund raising

No description

paige hobeyn

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of Fund raising

Since mostly kids are going to be joining this camp we thought that instead of making it a boring camp like if you are going to school. We would try to turn it into a educational fun experience for the kids so have activities to do but make it educational.
How to keep them intrigued?
For starters we were thinking about whats closest like Camp Chesteremere
What campsites?
We thought we would teach the kids about animals example: Birds and build the bird houses to keep them entertained. Learn more about the eco system and animals and plants around us.
Since we are going to add some together we thought for educations and to keep kids into it and more entertained we would make bird houses. Donate them and put them around the city so its better for life of birds.
What we are going
to do?
We were thinking about adding together some ideas like building bird houses and donating stuffed animals to hospitals and adoption centers. We thought we should donate stuffed animals to get to our goal to volunteer at education camps.
Fund raising
Our Idea is Volunteering at education camps

How we will fund raise for are event to happen?
We would start off by selling stuffed animals to kids in the children's hospitals and kids who might be at homeless shelters and kids at adoption centers.
Why we chose this?
We chose this because we thought it would be
a fun experience for the class and the kids who
join. Also we would be helping kids and brighten up their day with gifts.
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