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Nigerian Gender Roles

No description

Izela Delgado

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Nigerian Gender Roles

Nigerian Gender Roles

Post Colonial Nigeria
20th Century
Patriarchy and coloinial changes alter gender relations
The importance of female chiefs declined
Nigerian men and Europe firms dominate trade
Women-Sustinence crops
Western education favored boys
Excluded women from new jobs

Post-Colonial Nigeria Cont.
Powerful Agency of Change: Nigeria's Formal Education System
Elite women have emerged
Challenged aspects of patriarchy
Ensure the political arena accomodates them
Modern Day Nigeria
Pre-Colonial Nigeria
* Usually cook and clean
*Bear children
*Accept Gender Roles
*Women can farm alongside Husband
*Multiple Wives and children
*Do field and hard work
*Accept Gender Roles
*Wealth Measured by farming success
*Dominant sex rule over wives and children
By: Izela Delgado, Maria Sanchez, Kiya Goodloe, Dora Leon
Modern Day USA
Must obey men regardless of their wishes
Rarely key parts in political parties or conflicts
Also required to sell homemade products in the local market to ensure clothing and food for their children
Considered to be worth more than women
Head of political parties and religious groups
As the man they can treat a women as they wish
Spousal rape and violence is common
* Men: Go to work and support family.
* Women: Stay at home to cook and clean.
* Gender roles are not as defined or followed here as they are in Nigeria.
* Ex:
-Most women make money to support their families when being a single parent
-Some men stay at home to take care of their family while women make the money to support the household.

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