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My job

Nurse Anesthetist

Sharika Blocker

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of My job

Through The Eyes Of An Nurse Anesthetist Nurse Anesthetist: Education: Salary/Earnings: Duties/Responsibilities: California My Goals: Administer anesthesia and anesthesia-related care in collaboration and consultation with attending
anesthesiologists in the main or and satellite areas. They administer intravenous, spinal, and other anesthetics to patients undergoing all types of medical and dental surgical procedures, and to obstetrical patients, and other hospital patients. They work under the supervision of a physician to render patients insensitive to pain. ■A Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from an Accredited University
■Currently hold a License to Practice Nursing
■A least 2 years experience in a Critical Care and/or an Acute Care area
■Completion of an Accredited Graduate School of Nursing Anesthesia Program and obtained a Master’s Degree
■Satisfactory completion of all Clinical Coursework
■Pass the National Examination for Nurse Anesthetists Certified registered nurse anesthetists are some of the highest-paid advanced practice nursing professionals. Salaries vary greatly by region, type of facility, number of years in practice and sub-specialty. The average CRNA salary for 2006 was more than $160,000. Nurse anesthetists can expect to begin their careers earning in the low $110,000 salary range and can move toward $200,000 or more as they gain additional experience. The rate of pay increases for CRNA's practicing in specific areas. 1. Participates in pre-anesthetic preparation and evaluation.
2. Formulates a patient-specific plan for anesthesia care in collaboration with attending anesthesiologist.
3. Implements, monitors and adjusts patient’s physiologic condition as appropriate for type of anesthesia an specific patient’s needs.
4. Transfers the responsibility for care of the patient to other qualified providers post-operatively to assure and continuity monitors the care of the patient's safety.
5. Supports operating room procedures.
6. Participates in additional areas of responsibility, which are within the expertise of the individual CRNA.
7. Assumes responsibility for professional development of self and contributes to and assists with the
Professional development of others. $132,596 = Adjusted CRNA Salary Average Nurse Anesthetist Salary in California: $175k. Most people choose to live in CA for the temperate climate, the close proximity to the beach, and the wide range of things to do and a lot of different people to interact with. In 20 years or less I plan to work as a nurse anesthetist with a well established company making enough to afford such luxury as the house and car seen below. Equipment:
* Medications
* Electronic thermometer probes
* Incubation equipment
* Central venous pressure monitors
* Intravenous equipment
* Anesthesia machines & accessories
* Anesthetic ventilator
* Intra-arterial monitoring equipment
* Esophageal stethoscopes
* Blood pressure cuffs & stethoscopes
* Airways, both oral & nasal
* Electroencephalographic oscilloscope monitors
* Anesthetic agents, such as halothane & nitrous oxide
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