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How to write a letter of application

No description

viviane lee

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of How to write a letter of application

Writing formal letters Planning -make a list Audience who are you writing to? Name of the person Title or position Are you looking for a job? Apply for jobs in steps first line - make your point paragraphs-one main point per paragraph closing paragraph -what would you like them to do? Layout beginnings and endings Dear Sir / Madam
Yours faithfully Dear Name
Yours sincerely top right hand side Your address and contact details top left hand side the name and address of the person receiving the letter the date Purpose What? why? Creat to complain
enquire Employability Skills? Character? Oral (Verbal) Communication
Organising /Planning
Initiative/ Self motivation
Time management
Select a job / Career Research Companies and Job Openings Circulate your CV Prepare a CV and Cover letter Prepare for a Job Interview Send Thank You Letters Fill out Job Applications How to write a cover letter? Formal or Informal? Job Adverts Worldwatch Europe IPA
56 Merritts Avenue
Overland Park
Dear David Benton, _______________________ from the enclosed ________________, I studied journalism and modern languages at University College, London, and went on to do a master’s in journalism at Queen Mary’s College, London. _________________________ to your ________________ in today’s Guardian for a journalist based in Geneva. I am an enthusiastic and _________________ person. I am good at organizing people and can meet ____________________.
______________________ from you in the near future.
________________________ the ideal candidate for the job because I have all the relevant _________________. In my present job I am in charge of Eastern Europe publications for Intertec Publishing. Before this, I worked for the BBC World Service, at first covering Mexico and Argentina, then Europe. I have travelled __________________ in South America and Europe. In my present job I frequently go to Japan _________________. I speak French, German, and Spanish__________________. Yours sincerely,

Nancy Mann
Write your address here, Not your name. Write the date under your address. The address of the person you’re writing to. Begin Dear + name, or Dear Sir/Madam, if you don’t know it. Don’t use contractions in a formal letter Always write this here. Finish Yours faithfully, or Yours sincerely, Sign your name. Write your name in capital letter here. 1. Say why you are writing and where and when you saw the advertisement. 2.Talk about your qualifications and why you want the job. (relevant details of yourself) 3. Talk about your experience. (Be convincing!) 4.Ask some questions if you want to. 5.End your letter in an appropriate way . I am writing in response advertisement As you will see CV I consider myself experience widely on business fluently hard-working I look forward to hearing deadlines
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