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YSSS Day 1

No description

Anne Roberts

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of YSSS Day 1

Welcome to UConn!
9-12 p.m.:
10:30 a.m.
After break:
Dr. Catherine Little
12-1 p.m.:
1:30-3 p.m.:
Confratute with Dr. Kathy Gavin (Conference Activity) in Gentry Rm. 144
Write your full name
Where are you from?
Write words that describe your interests & hobbies.
Feel free to add anything else!
Go to classroom.google.com
If you don't have a Google account, create one.
Joining code:
Take background survey to help me differentiate the YSSS content (tailor the class to YOUR interests & needs)
Daily Schedule
Go to Google Classroom
Click on "About"
Click on "Daily Schedule" (or read printed out schedule).
Three parts to YSSS Summer Program:
Project SPARK
Mentor Workshop with Anne
Confratute (Conference-only this week)
Gifted Education Specialist & Destionation Imagination STEM Coordinator
Taught middle school & college classes
Created a Makerspace (3D printers, etc.) at my middle school & now teach a Makerspace class at UConn
Ph.D. Student & Research Assistant at UConn
YSSS Day 1
Anne Roberts
Catherine Little
Dr. Catherine Little
Dr. Kathy Gavin
Developed Project M2 & M3 curriculum with a team of experts
M3: Mentoring Mathematical Minds
Overview of research-based curriculum used in Project SPARK
Contact Information:
Anne's Cell: 804-350-7132
Email: anne.roberts@uconn.edu
Clinic Observation Sheets
6-minute observation sheets (one per day)
Observe the teacher & how they interact with the students
Take your YSSS notebook with you to clinic
Lesson Example
Find a partner
Highlight in one color overall lesson objectives/goals
Highlight in another color what supplies are very important for the teacher to prep ahead of time
Highlight in another color an example of authentic learning (ex. real-world applications)
Confratute Observation Sheets
5-minute observations
Fill out one per day
Bring YSSS notebook to Confratute sessions this week
Project SPARK Manchester Summer Program
4 Classrooms
1-Kindergarten (Ms. Rubino)
1-1st grade (Ms. Litrico)
1-1st/2nd grade (Ms. Milton & Ms. Johnson)
1-2nd grade (Ms. Kantrow & Ms. Kolek)
Placed in one classroom, but could be moved around
Journal Free Writing Time
Think about what you want to learn from the YSSS Summer Program.
Free write for 5-10 min. about what type of lesson plan you want to develop for your final presentation.
Who is the audience?
How long is the lesson?
What content will be
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