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Albreyona Smith

No description

Albreyona Smith

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of Albreyona Smith

Albreyona Smith
father son song " Everybody needs a dad

Conflict 1: Man v Man w/ Ishmael And Father .
"...laughing and asked 'can you even understand what you are saying?' He left..."Father doesn't understand his son but doesn't try to.
Conflict 2: Man v Self
Ishmael & kanei "circumstances will change and things will be fine , just hold on a little more". Ishmael has a problem w/ himself and being around other people
Kill em with kindness -Selena Gomez
Conflict 3:Man v Man
Ishmael and the fisherman .
"please , we are harmless and just passing by ". if Ishmael wasn't quick to be nice and try to talk , they people mostly likely would have killed them.
Destiny Child's - survivor
Theme: It's meant for Ishmael to live . it's not his time yet. what's meant to be will be
" Children crying cast out and neglected ".
Book Soundtrack For "A Long Way Gone ".
I chosen this song because it's let's you know that a father is very needed in his sons life
"Why some boys don't got a dad anywyas".
"Kehlani Bright "
I chosen this song because its basically saying that until your comfortable with yourself you can't be comfortable w/ other
"Cant nobody love someone that d0 not love themselves.
If Ishmael wasn't so nice and explainable him and the other boys would have been killed.

"The world can be a nasty place you know it , i know it
Ishmael came close to death many times which causes him to want to survive each time
" I'm a survivor ,I'm not gone give up, I'm not go stop, I'm gone work harder
Mudvayne - World so cold
talks about alot of accurate things that take place in the back .
Events: something of the unsetting things about his journey mentally , physically ,and emotionally was that i wasnt sure when it was going to end
It talk about the crying out for help that ishmael is seeking for in the passage
"Their breathing was heavy and i could hear one of them hisssing trying not to cry ."
"The Devil is trying to steal my time ."
Cold -Jorge Merndez
if this was to be shown on the screen the background music would be sad.
"Followed by several rounds of mechine gun fire. IShmael and others was in the bean field before shots. "
Echoes of the forst - Instrumental Music
Caused the animals to run off which means they was scared
" The echoeresonated in the village causeing birdss to fly off and return curiously chattering ."
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